JMU offers a LOT of spectacular study abroad opportunities. But even with over 70 of our own program options each year, some students are still wondering... is there a program "out there" that will work for me? Well, we can say with much confidence that "there is"! We have many partners with opportunities all over the world. Below is a short list of examples. For a complete list and information regarding External Programs, click here.

Please look at these and reach out to Donna Sharpes with any questions. 


CIEE has awarded JMU with (5) $4,000 - $6,000 Open Campus Grants for both Spring 2019!

**(Scholarship deadline for Spring 2019 is September 30th.)**

CIEE Global Institutes is an Open Campus program that gives you the opportunity to study in up to three cities in one semester, stay on track with your academic credits, and do so at an affordable price. You get to choose from Berlin, Cape Town, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile. For more details, check out: (AND be sure to watch their video!)

OPEN CAMPUS – ONE, TWO or THREE CITIES – only at our Global Institutes

Choose your academic track, length of stay, enrichment projects, and location.

One Block

6 weeks

1 location. 6 semester credits. Fits most schedules.

Two Blocks

12 weeks

1 or 2 locations. 12 semester credits. Qualifies students as full-time.

Three Blocks

18 weeks

1, 2, or 3 locations. 15 or 18 semester credits.

Six Blocks

36 weeks

1 or 2 locations. One academic year.


CIS Abroad

Check out the CIS Abroad semester programs under $12,000 for Fall 2018 below. 
To see the latest promotional offers  CLICK HERE!

Semester in Thailand ($8,790 - $9,590)

Semester in Prague - Business and Economics ($8,990)

Semester in Ghana ($9,990)

Semester in Costa Rica ($9,490 - $10,990)

Semester in Cusco ($10,590 - $10,990)

Semester in Greece ($11,990)

Semester in Japan ($11,990)

Semester in Lima ($11,490 - $12,190)


IES Abroad

IES's 12 for 12 for 12 10 study abroad programs allow students to study abroad for 12 weeks getting 12 credits for $12,000 $10,000, when you factor in the $2,000 Public School Discount! These programs are part of their ongoing commitment and effort to making study abroad affordable and accessible to as many students as possible. These new programs all provide the same level of academic excellence and superior student support you expect from IES Abroad.

For more information, go to their website at:

Choose from the following programs:

Berlin, Germany 
International Affairs & Security Studies

Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Business & International Relations in Latin America

Rome, Italy 
Tourism & Cultural Heritage Management  

Siena, Italy 
Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine

Multi-Location: Granada, Spain & Rabat, Morocco 
Europe & the Muslim World: Granada & Rabat

IES has 21 other programs under $15K once you add the Public School Discount. 


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