JMU Internships Abroad

JMU is proud to offer several faculty led study abroad internship opportunities.  Hands-on professional experience in a cross-cultural setting is essential in today's globalized world.  On the following JMU programs, JMU students have the opportunity to intern in a wide range of industries that fit with their area of study and interest.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain international work experience while earning academic credits!

Did you know... 70% of participants surveyed believed their internship ignited their career direction and contributed to a significant improvement in the top 5 soft skills employers value. (Adelante

JMU Programs

Semester in London - Fall, Spring, Summer

Semester in Salamanca - Summer (extension)

JMU Internship in Spain - Summer

JMU Internship in Germany - Summer

JMU Internship in Ireland - Summer

JMU Internship in Australia (Kinesiology, Sport & Rec. Management, Hospitality Management) - Summer

JMU Summer in Ghana and Internship - Summer

JMU Internship in New Zealand - Summer

JMU in LA: The Entertainment Industry - Summer

CIS in Europe - Summer

International Health: A Tanzanian Perspective - Summer

Environmental and Energy Sustainability in Germany - Summer

Honors Global Studies Practicum Opportunities - Summer

Health Sciences Practicum in Thailand - Summer

External Programs

International Internships (independent from a JMU study abroad program) - Any term

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