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Help students benefit from co-curricular experiences that deepen classroom learning.

Student Life

You can help create effective citizens

JMU graduates are known for their ability to think holistically—about the world, their careers, their relationships and themselves. They make wise choices and take effective action. There's a reason for that.

A JMU education is widely known for its emphasis on the whole student. Your gift helps provide the resources that support intellectual development as well as leadership and collaboration, values like accountability and compassion, and a commitment to personal health and wellness.

Students benefit from co-curricular experiences that deepen classroom learning. You can help engage students in these learning activities. They combine with their academic experience to help develop the whole citizen—something our world needs right now.

The approach works. As employer after employer has said, JMU graduates are productive right from the start—they know their stuff and they know how to fit in. And they take it one step further: JMU graduates know how to advocate for the "right" answer while sustaining valuable relationships.

The capacity for achieving both is more important than ever—in the workplace and in the community. Your gift makes it possible.

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