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Help JMU hammer out the problems of tomorrow with the expertise gained from an engaged, hands-on perspective.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

You can help solve tomorrow's problems

There are a lot of problems in the world. An aging infrastructure. Alzheimer's disease. Antibiotic resistance. Autism. Deforestation. Intelligence crises. Killer pathogens. Species loss. Unsustainable energy sources. Vulnerable computer networks. Scientific ignorance.

The STEM fields will play a critical role in solving all of them—and more—but only if we view problems like these as opportunities to make a difference.

Your gift today to will ensure that JMU’s world-class STEM faculty continues to start students off in research as early as their freshman or sophomore years and enable them to get their hands on instruments in our well-equipped labs — something most schools don’t let them do until graduate school. At the same time, our students are getting the strong liberal arts foundation that will provide societal context for the decisions they will be making as future STEM leaders.

Your gift to one of the funds listed here will help ensure that JMU professors get to teach and mentor the future Madison STEM graduates who will engage with the world and solve its problems.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University will lead us all into a brighter future. Your gift makes it possible.

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