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JMU is already innovating in ways that are changing health education.

Health and Behavioral Studies

You can help innovate viable solutions

A spike in chronic diseases and obesity. The steady rise of anxiety and depression. A lack of coordinated care. A shortage of qualified care. A looming tidal wave of aging citizens. Increasing health costs. Vulnerable populations forgotten.

Healthcare practitioners will be called on to address these challenges, but they will only be effective if they are prepared to collaborate with others to engage the realities on the ground.

Your gift supports JMU’s proven track record of partnering with businesses, community organizations, corporations, institutions and local agencies to come up with viable solutions. That means JMU is already innovating in ways that are changing health education. Through these partnerships, professors give their students—our future health providers—indispensable real-world, service-based experiences that also provide real care to real people right now.

Your gift to the collaborative and interprofessional culture of JMU’s health and behavioral studies programs means Madison students are uniquely educated beyond their core competencies. Read more.

By giving to these programs, you equip students to put the human being first, to understand their future professions within the larger healthcare picture and to make decisions that will further improve healthcare. Because of your gift, our students graduate carrying this ethos with them whether they are nurses or healthcare informatics technicians. Your gift makes it possible.

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