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You can help connect us all

In our increasingly hectic and confusing world, we count on communication to educate and connect us across thousands of miles and diverse expectations.

Your gift will help a world-class faculty prepare students to become the engaged and expert professional communicators who will inform and entertain us, tell our stories, and help us explain ourselves to one another.

When you give, you enable professors to engage students in thinking critically and communicating effectively about the ideas, events and messages all around us. The students you support explore meaning and context as well as master skills in hands-on learning. They publish award-winning magazines, newspapers and journals; make films; compete on the nation's top debate and individual events teams; test their skills in scholarly research and contests; work as advocates in service-learning projects, and more. And employers snap them up.

Your gift supports the journalists and other professional communicators we will count on in this information age as we transact business and make decisions about our relationships, our finances, our health—our vote. They will explain to us what we need to know—from software instruction to gender communication to regime change. Your gift makes it possible.

Fund Description
Communication Studies Fund Support the study of human communication, which is central to achieving the betterment of self and community.
Media Arts and Design Fund Ensure that curriculum and programs continue to educate students who can excel in a rapidly evolving media environment.
College of Arts and Letters Fund Launch students on a lifelong search for knowledge and understanding the human condition through rigorous scholarly inquiry.
Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Fund Support this fund to help students in their quest to become effective and persuasive communicators.

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