Students at commencement

Scholarships change lives.

Help provide direct aid to students for need-based scholarships, retention and recruitment. Here are just a few who have received help from funds like Madison Forever Scholarships:

Imane Zirari

'I never imagined going to college. I had the grades—it just wasn’t something that I could afford. I’m in school for secondary education, and I want to work my way into becoming a minority outreach adviser. My graduate assistantship as a Centennial Scholarship program mentor makes me that resource now.'

— Imane Zirari ('15)

"As soon as I saw the Quad I was like, 'Hey, Mom, I’m getting a sweatshirt. It’s happening.' Everyone was so friendly. I loved the Bloomberg Lab because I knew I wanted to study finance. From the experiential learning trips I took to D.C., New York and San Francisco, I’ve seen how dedicated our alumni truly are. Alumni have granted me their money, and it has made me want to succeed and turn around and give back."

— Madison Faxio ('17)

Ted Aronson

'The merit scholarship was definitely a factor in my college decision to pick JMU. I had multiple scholarship offers from other institutions. JMU is one-of-a-kind, where service, community, and education fit hand in hand. I have worked hard in my life, but I have never worked as hard as I did while in the JMU School of Nursing.'

— Ted Aronson (’17)

"I live with my parents and commute, and pretty much all of my tuition and books I pay for myself. I also work 30-40 hours per week. My scholarship really helped because it took the burden off by reducing my tuition. I am able to work less and focus more on school. The computer science professors are really helpful. It’s kind of like this saying that I love: 'You can give a man a fish and he’ll live for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he’ll survive forever.' "

— Affan Sheikh (’17)

Francesca Leigh-Davis with her husband and son.

'Right before I was going to start classes, my grandfather passed away. I knew it was up to me to keep our family’s business going, so I packed up myself and my baby and went home. Then after a six-year hiatus...when I had to write a statement for my application back, I was in tears. To be able to come back to JMU and complete my education, it’s like the best Christmas ever.

— Francesca Leigh-Davis ('09)

''Money is a real struggle, and my parents can’t really help out. JMU has given me so many great opportunities— the marching band, for instance, and my art. And art supplies are not cheap. Honestly, it is because of the Campfield Scholarship that I get to stay at Madison and do what I love, and I’m grateful for that.'

— Rachelle Sexton ('15)

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