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Making the Madison Experience possible

Scholarship support at JMU can take whatever form that speaks to your heart, whether it is support for our top students or aid for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Madison Forever Scholarships was originally created as a stopgap scholarship program to help students who had emergency financial need. The recipients of this scholarship had a sudden dire need often due to an emergency at home and were in danger of not graduating.  

In the last two years, the scholarship program has helped more than 200 students and their families. While the need for emergency funds continues,  we can now expand into other potential needs and help EVEN MORE students. 

The Madison Forever Scholarship fund now can provide scholarship aid for many other situations deemed priorities by the university, including recruitment and retention of exceptionally talented students as well as continuing to provide need-based financial aid and emergency support.  

Last year 58 percent of JMU students qualified for some amount of need-based aid.  Of this, the university was able to fund only 32 percent of the need demonstrated by those students. Your gift can help JMU close this gap.

In all cases, a gift to Madison Forever Scholarships provides direct aid to deserving students at JMU. Your gift makes the Madison Experience possible.

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