Research Equipment:
Isoprime 100 Isotope Ratioing Mass Spectrometer with PyroCube and Multiflow Module
Thermo-Nicolet Magna FTIR Spectrometer with microscope attachment
Varian AA240 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Dionex Ion Chromatograph DX 120
Smart 2 Colorimeter
Field pH and Specific Conductivity Meters
AGI Supersting Electrical Resistivity System
Geometrix G858 Cesium Vapor Magnetometer
Scintrex Proton Precession Magnetometer
GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar - 200, 400, & 900 MHz Antenna
Mala Ground Penetrating Radar - 250 & 800 MHz Antenna
Geometrix ES3000 12 channel portable seismic unit
Worden Standard Gravity Meter
ISCO Automatic Water Sampler
3 Water flow meters
Pressure transducer with data logger
Wireless Vantage Pro2Plus Weather Station
Philips Theta-2Theta X-ray Diffractometer
Panalytical Theta-Theta X-ray Diffractometer
Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer: Oxford Instrument, Inca software
Delta-Nu Portable Raman Spectrometer
Scanning Electron Microscope - Leo 1430VP
Humboldt HM3000 Digital Master Loader
Humboldt CBR and Triaxial Testing Apparatus
Lachat QuickChem 8500 Series FIA Nutrient Analyzer
Table Model Direct Shear Apparatus
Thermo Scientific CL40 Centrifuge
31 Leica DM750P polarizing petrographic microscopes
15 Leitz polarizing petrographic microscopes
Two Nikon (trinocular), Leitz and Olympus (Transmitted and Reflected light capability)
Two Meiji Techno RZ binocular microscopes
Meiji MX9300 Trinocular polarizing microscope
Nikon Ecliplse 50I polarizing trinocular microscope
Olympus SZ60 zoom binocular photographic microscope
28 student stereo zoom binocular microscopes
Sample Preparation:
Spex Industries Ball Mill
Braun Chipmunk Rock Crusher
Two Hydraulic Rock Splitters
Diamond Rock Saws
8-inch Buehler diamond polishing unit
Gold sputter coater and graphite evaporator
Buehler Minimet sample polisher for SEM/EDS
Isodynamic Magnetic Separator
Large Centrifuge
Sonic Dismembrator
2 Muffle Furnaces
Field, Media, and Teaching:
Field Equipment:
Spectra Precision Focus 10 Total Station
Spectra Precision Epoch 25 Survey Grade RTK GPS
15 iPads & 15 iPad minis
8 Trimble Geoxm GPS units
14 Garmin 60CSX handheld GPS units
50 Brunton compasses
One 2012 Suburban 4x4
Three 12 Passenger Vans
HP Designjet Z5200 42 inch color plotter
Canon Rebel 450 Digital Camera
Three Canon SX230 Digital Cameras w/GPS
2 Sony HD Video Cameras
Two 24-seat multimedia classrooms
(7110 and 7115 Memorial Hall)

One 24-seat teaching laboratory

(7120 Memorial Hall) 

One 24-seat instructional computer lab
(7105 Memorial Hall)
One 24-seat computer lab for student use
(6129 Memorial Hall)
One 48-seat multimedia classroom
(7370 Memorial Hall)
One 112-seat classroom
(6110 Memorial Hall)
Note: The Soils/Hydro/Engineering lab (7130 Memorial), Geochemistry Lab (7140 Memorial) and other research equipment are also used in teaching.