In December of 2005, the Department of Geology & Environmental Science moved from its long standing location in Miller Hall, to a new location Room 6139 in Memorial Hall (formerly the Harrisonburg High School). In 2007, under the initiative of Dr. David Brakke (Dean, College of Science & Mathematics) and Dr. Douglas Brown (Vice President of Academic Affairs & University Provost), a room was designated and funds directed toward the construction of a secure museum display facility.

The room is slightly over 600 square feet in size, hosting sixteen display cases plus a special Ultraviolet display room. Security for the specimens is provided by a multilevel state-of-art security system. Generous gifts from individuals and mineralogical societies around the region allowed us to complete the purchase of the mineral display cases.


The museum features over 550 crystal and gemstone specimens from around the world. They are arranged in the following displays:

  • Systematic Collection - specimens arranged by chemistry and structure
  • Locality Collections - Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Elmwood, Tennessee
  • Fluorescent Display - minerals from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey that glow under ultraviolet light

View specimens online or learn about the history of the Mineral Museum.

Questions about the Museum can be directed to:
Dr. Lance E. Kearns, Curator
Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences
MSC 6903
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA. 22807
e-mail: kearnsle_at_jmu.edu
Phone: 540-568-6421
Fax: 540-568-8058