Geology & Environmental Science Faculty Member

Lynn S. Fichter


Professional Information
  • Title: Professor, Stratigraphy & Paleontology

  • Educational Background:
        BS Juniata College, 1965
        MS University of Michigan, 1967
        PhD University of Michigan, 1972
  • CV (pdf)

Contact Information


GSCI102: Environment Earth
GEOL200: Evolutionary Systems
GEOL230: Evolution of the Earth
GEOL364: Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis
BIO/GEOL350: Inverebrate Paleontology
GEOL405: Vertebrate Paleontology
GEOL415: Geological Evolution of North America
GEOL491: Geological Literature Research
HONORS200B: Evolution of the Brain and Intelligence

Research Interests

My research interests are in several areas (and include undergraduates in conducting parts of the research):
-Interpreting the depositional processes in the Juniata Formation and relating them to the
cyclicity described in this formation by Diecchio.
-Reconstructing Ordovician regional paleogeography in western Virginia and eastern West
-Discovering the effects of a sudden drop in sea level on the distribution of depo-systems in the Foreknobs Formation in the Catskill clastic wedge of Virginia and West Virginia.