Teaching Chaos and Complex Evolutionary Systems Theories at the Introductory Level

Strategies and Rubrics for Teaching Chaos and Complex Systems Theories as Elaborating, Self-Organizing, and Fractionating Evolutionary Systems

Fichter, Lynn S., Pyle, E.J., and Whitmeyer, S.J., 2010, Journal of Geoscience Education (in press)

Links to Power Point Lectures

The entire learning progression is available as a series of Power Point presentations (links below). They are divided into those concerning chaos theory and those concerning complex evolutionary systems. For each area there is one composite complete set (tends to be large), as well as smaller power points for individual rubrics; e.g. logistic system, fractals, power laws, etc. Each of these is also linked from the individual rubric pages (links to these in left column.)

The Power Points are modifications of the ones we have developed for our lectures. We have tried to use more universal fonts, but you may find the fonts messed up on your computer. Many slides contain animations of text or figures. In some cases we have added examples and illustrations not part of the original paper. Where we have incorporated material from other sources we have put the source in the lower right of the slide. Sometimes slides are included that are primarily descriptive/informational for people unfamiliar with a particular model; we usually discuss this information with the class rather than show the slide.

The slides generated by the authors are the intellectual property of the authors, but we hereby give permission for individuals to use these power points as is, add slides to them, subtract slides from them, or modify them in personal ways corresponding to your goals in presenting this material. We do request that somewhere in the presentation the source be acknowledged. If you wish to pass these slides onto another individual please send them back to the original web site for downloading; this allows us to track usage. Web site is linked on the title at the title page to each Power Point.

Teaching Chaos Theory

    Complete Slide Set - approximately 115 slides.
    The Logistic System - Xnext
    Converting a Time Series Diagram to a Bifurcation Diagram
    Self Similarity - Fractals
    Feigenbaum Ratios, Bifurcations Preceeded by Destabilization, Sensitive Dependence
    Strange Attractors
    Power Law Relationships

Teaching Elaborating Complex Evolutionary Systems

    Complete Slide Set -WordEvolv, John Muir Trail, Red Queen, Prisoner's Dilemma, Tierra and Avida - approximately 45 slides.
    Tierra and Avida

Teaching Self-Organizing Complex Evolutionary Systems

    Complete Slide Set - Boids, Self-Organized Criticality, Cellular Automata, Bak-Sneppen, - approximately 35 slides.
    Self Organized Criticality
    Cellular Automata
    Bak-Sneppen Ecosystem