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Transfer Credit Information

Currently enrolled JMU students who plan to transfer credits from another institution may substitute up to three applicable courses for General Education credit at James Madison University but only one per cluster and only for courses that are approved. Approval for General Education is based on course objectives and subject matter. Read more on transfer credit here.

Technology Competency

In today's increasingly technological society, the ability to use computer technology effectively is essential. During the academic year 1998-99 a Technology Task Force defined the basic computing and information handling skills that are necessary for students. We recognize that students come to JMU from a variety of backgrounds and different school systems and that not all will have had the same exposure to technology. By defining this set of basic competencies we will be ensuring that students and instructors will have a shared understanding of the computing skills necessary for the successful completion of this Cluster One requirement. Read more on technology competency requirements here.

Foreign Language Placement

Students who have taken 2 or more years of a language in high school must take a foreign language placement exam in that language in order to register for a class in that language. Exams are offered in Spanish, French, German, Latin, and

GCOM 121 Credit by Examination

Students have the option of receiving credit for GCOM 121 by taking advantage of the Credit by Examination option. This is an alternative to enrolling and successfully completing the course. Read more about the GCOM 121 Credit by Examination here.

GWRTC 103 Waiver by Examination

The GWRTC 103 waiver by exam offers all transfer students and select freshmen the opportunity to waive the GWRTC 103 requirement.

Freshmen who have scored 680 or higher on the SAT I and do not have AP or IB credit may attempt the waiver process. Click on the link above for detailed information.