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Students Planning to Transfer to JMU from a four-year Institution or a Community College outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia

JMU's general education program is composed of five areas of study called clusters. Each cluster provides both depth and breadth in the exploration of an area of human knowledge. In each cluster, students must complete one course in each group.  This requirement is true in all cases with the exception of Cluster Three – Track II.  This science track is designed for students who are considering pre-k through middle school teacher certification (contact the Office of University Studies for questions).

JMU's general education program is an interdisciplinary program based on cluster learning objectives. There are few direct course equivalents in institutions outside of JMU. Because of JMU's strong commitment to providing the opportunity for students to transfer into JMU, the Office of University Studies and the Office of the Registrar will work closely with students individually once they have been admitted to JMU.

JMU requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation. If you are offered admission to JMU, you must complete all prerequisite, major, program and degree requirements to graduate and you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have earned a minimum of 25% of credit hours (30 credits for degrees programs of 120 credits) at JMU.
  2. Have earned at least 50% of credit hours (60 credits for degrees programs of 120 credits) accepted by JMU from accredited senior (four-year) institutions of higher education, including JMU.
  3. Must meet course prerequisites for the major regardless of where general education requirements were completed   
  4. Must attend JMU during the semester in which degree requirements are completed

The student is responsible for having an official transcript mailed to the registrar's office when the work has been completed. Credit hours will be awarded for approved courses carrying a "C" or better grade (2.0 quality points). Grades for courses taken at another institution are not included in grade point average calculations although they will be used in determining graduation honors for eligible students.