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Program Philosophy

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General Education: The Human Community is the common core academic program of James Madison University in which students come to understand how distinct disciplines look at the world from different vantage points. Courses in The Human Community are organized into five clusters, each emphasizing unique tools, rationales, and methodologies. Taken together, courses in a student's chosen major and The Human Community complement and complete each other.  Both are integral and essential components of a student's full and proper education.  




In the Liberal Arts tradition, General Education: The Human Community aspires to create informed global citizens of the 21st century.  We challenge our community of students and faculty to engage in personal and collective reflection, development, and action.



The Human Community credit hour requirements are as follows:

  • Skills for the 21st Century 9 credit hours
  • Arts and Humanities 9 credit hours
  • The Natural World 10 credit hours
  • Social and Cultural Processes 7 credit hours
  • Individuals in the HumanCommunity 6 credit hours