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Transfer Student Information Literacy Requirement

Information Seeking Skills Test (ISST)

As a transfer student, you are required to take complete the Information Literacy Competency requirement. Information literacy consists of the ISST.

PHOTO - Students Working on Computers

In some cases, transfer students are exempt from the requirement if they fall into one of the following exempt categories:

  • Transfer student entered JMU before the Fall semester of 1999
  • Transfer student has the appropriate Associates Degree which waived the General Education requirements (see page 12 of the Virginia Community College Transfer Guide)
  • Transfer student has German Arbitur credit

If you are not certain if you fall into one of these categories, check your JMU catalog, the Virginia Community College Transfer Guide or contact your advisor.

Transfer students who do not meet one of the exempt categories listed above are required to complete the ISST competency exam.

All tests are administered in Ashby Lab.  For lab availability see the lab schedule.