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Here is what you will get by taking GWRTC 103

Look around. You are surrounded by arguments. These arguments are in the websites you read, TV shows, movies, and online clips you watch, songs you hear, textbooks you study from, and in a myriad of other places. Arguments come in all shapes and sizes; some consist of words only, and some use images and film. Some are easy to spot and some are difficult. Regardless of their appearance, they all try to get you to do something, to behave or think in a certain way.

If you take GWRTC 103, you will learn to recognize arguments and understand how they work. You will learn that effective persuasion involves understanding purpose, audience, and context. You will also learn that good peruasion has to be honest and ethical. Last but not least, you will learn that, contrary to what political pundits on TV seem to imply, “rhetoric” is not a dirty word that means empty promises and lies. To find out what that word really means, take GWRTC 103.

GWRTC 103 is formerly GWRIT 103. Students may not receive credit for both GWRTC 103 and GWRIT 103.