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Grant Proposal Format

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Proposals for General Education Professional Development and Curriculum Development Grants must include the following:

I.      Information Sheet (one page)

A. Title. Give a brief title.  

B. Director(s)/Participants. Include names of the individual/s submitting the grant proposal and who will be responsible for its implementation (the Director/s) and those other individuals who will have involvement in the grant activity (the Participants). If the specific individuals who will be participants are unknown at the time of the grant submission, then provide the number of individuals that will be expected to participate and those academic units involved.

C. Purpose. Give a brief statement concerning the purpose of the proposal and its relevance and contribution to the General Education program. Describe how this proposal benefits students and faculty. If appropriate, describe and how the grant will affect what is currently in place.

II.    Narrative (maximum 1000 words)

A. Activity/Product. If the proposal entails primarily activities, describe the activities to be funded and, if appropriate, give proposed dates for summer workshops/projects. Clearly identify the intended outcomes of the activities. If the proposal is to be used for developing products such as syllabi or teaching modules, then give a detailed explanation of how these will be created. It is strongly recommended that faculty who are developing a new course spend some time interacting with the other faculty teaching in the cluster for the purpose of maintaining coherency within the shared content and/or concepts of that cluster. Cite any relevant sources.

B. Timeline. Give dates of relevant activities related to the grant work undertaken and the date of submission of the grant report. The deadline for the submission of grant reports is September 30, 2014.

C.  Deliverables/Product.  Please state and briefly describe the products or deliverables that will be shared with the General Education Council.

III. Budget (Attachment A)

IV. Endorsement Forms (Attachment B, Attachment C, Attachment D and/or Attachment E)

The grant proposal must include a completed Endorsements Form (see Attachment B) and a Cluster Coordinator Endorsement Form (see Attachment C) or Cluster Coordinator Endorsement Form for Multiple Clusters (see Attachment D). Signatures of the grant director(s) and the appropriate Cluster Coordinators, Department Heads/School Directors, and Deans are required.

Consideration will be given only to those proposals that conform to the above detailed format.