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Endorsement Form for Special Projects

Title of Proposal:                                                                                                                                


Type of Proposal:          Professional Development         Curriculum Development


Did the director/’s of the grant Proposal meet with you?

Check where appropriate:                

QEP          ____ yes                ____ no


Environmental Stewardship/Sustainability                    ____ yes             ____ no


Taking into consideration the goals and needs of your Cluster, rate the proposal applying following scale:

1 (top rating; this proposal will significantly contribute to the Cluster in an area of critical need)

2 (good rating; this proposal will contribute to the Cluster in a needed area)

3 (fair rating; this proposal will contribute to the Cluster but not in an area of specified need)


Composite Rating:                                                                





QEP Task Force’s Signature:                                                                                               _______





Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Signature:                                               _______