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JMU Usage and Mechanics Test Score Matrix

Note: Passing the grammar test is part one of a two part waiver process

Grammar Test Score

Eligible to continue to Part 2?


No, you must take GWRTC 103

18 or higher

Yes, please read the text below

If you received a score of 18 or higher on your Mechanics and Usage exam, you are eligible to proceed to the second part of the GWRTC 103 waiver process.

Part II - GWRTC 103 Waiver Process:

  1. DO NOT register for GWRTC 103. Students registered for GWRTC 103 are not allowed to complete Part II of the Waiver Exam, even if they have passed Part I. If you have been pre-registered for GWRTC 103, please consult with your academic advisor.
  2. Register for Part II of the Waiver Exam in the General Education Office, Maury 110, by optaining a SIGNED Waiver Exam Form. Take the signed form to the Student Financial Services Office in Warren Hall and pay the $10.00 Waiver Exam fee. Make sure your form is stamped “PAID.” You will need to BRING this stamped form with you when you take Part II of the Waiver Exam.
  3. You will receive an email, sent to your JMU email address, with additional instructions and information on where and when Part II of the Waiver Exam is offered. During this portion of the exam you will have two hours to compose an essay in response to two or three editorial or opinion pieces which will be provided. You will be asked to appropriately summarize, paraphrase, and/or quote from the readings in your response. You will have access to a word processor for Part II of theWaiver Exam.
  4. You will be sent your Waiver Exam score via your JMU email address and informed if your GWRTC 103 requirement was waived. If GWRTC 103 was not waived, you must complete this course during the following Spring or Summer session.

For additional information on the GWRTC 103 Waiver Exam, go to http://www.jmu.edu/gened/mandu_info.shtml