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If you take GPHIL 120 as your Cluster One Critical Thinking course, you will get an introduction to the fundamental tools of critical analysis. More specifically, you will learn some essentials of logic, which is an abstract, topic-neutral subject fundamental to every academic discipline. Having learned some of the basics of logic, you will learn a variety of practical techniques for applying logic to the two main sorts of rational discourse: arguments and explanations.

Along the way, you will be exposed to some basic philosophical considerations about the nature of evidence, rationality, and truth. You will learn to think in more sophisticated ways about your own reasoning and that of others, whatever the subject matter of the reasoning. You will learn to be more attentive to the ways that language is used to mask defective reasoning and to conceal unstated presuppositions.

This class is for students who want to improve their ability to think analytically about any subject whatsoever, and to gain some acquaintance with the tools of modern logic. It will improve the student’s ability to think abstractly, to construct arguments, and to analyze arguments and explanations.