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GHIST 150: Critical Issues in Recent Global History examines issues in recent history as a means to introduce, develop, and enhance critical thinking skills and to supplement writing, oral communication, information seeking and technology skills objectives for General Education Cluster One. The combined lecture and discussion format emphasizes the development and articulation of well reasoned arguments in organized and grammatically acceptable prose. Using recent history as the subject of study, the class will consist of in-class discussion and papers relating to assigned readings. All students who successfully complete this class will demonstrate the ability to think critically. Critical thinking objectives include being able to:

  • evaluate claims in terms of clarity, credibility, reliability, and accuracy.
  • demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze and generate claims, arguments, and positions.
  • identify and evaluate theses and conclusions, stated and unstated assumptions, and supporting evidence and arguments.
  • apply these skills to one’s own work and the work of others.

Critical thinking skills will be developed through the use of oral and written exercises--oral exercises will support objectives primarily covered in Speech Comm; writing exercises will require students to formulate and conduct an information search; use information effectively by adapting it to an organized, properly documented purpose written in standard English and adapted to an appropriate purpose, audience, and content; use writing to analyze critically thoughts, feelings, experiences, and opinions; paraphrase oral and written messages to demonstrate listening and reading skills; use written language to create a text with a clear, strong, and significant thesis, adequate and relevant supporting evidence; appropriate documentation; and clear and valid assumptions and conclusions; and, demonstrate effective and appropriate self analysis and self directed learning skills.