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Cluster One Forms

The forms in this section allow you to request permission to enroll in Cluster One General Education course.  You do not need permission to add an open seat in a Cluster One course UNLESS you are seeking a repeat-forgive having earned a D- or higher, or you want to take a second critical thinking class.  Human Communication and Writing courses are NOT repeatable except as repeat-forgive.  A request does not guarantee a seat.  Request forms do not accommodate swapping.  If you want to SWAP, please go to My Madison and look for open seats.  There are NO OVERRIDES offered in Cluster One classes. 


For SPRING semester registration:  Any student who has not completed Cluster One is allowed to register for any open seat in Cluster One.  If you cannot find an open seat during advance registration, you should continue to look for seats through the open enrollment period that concludes on the second Tuesday of the Spring semester at midnight.

If you will NOT complete Cluster One during your first academic year at the institution, you should make every effort to complete the course(s) as soon as possible. 

  • There will be NO OPEN SEATS available during advance or open registration for Fall semesters prior to the registration of the entering class. Continuing students should look for Cluster One classes after August 1st for Fall semester or plan on adding the course to their spring schedule.
  • All Cluster One areas offer courses during summer session.  Courses are available in both face to face and online formats.  Please consider a summer course if you are having difficulty adding during a regular semester. 
  • The General Education Program is also willing to consider transfer credit for completion of Cluster One courses.  Please be sure to follow all instructions on the Permission Form to Take Courses for Transfer Credit.

Because students are no longer pre-registered into Cluster One courses, the program no longer offers deferrals. 

Cluster Three Forms

Transfer Credit Form

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