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All three courses in human communication serve as a crash courses on everything you need to know to be successful in communication settings: having one-on-one conversations, giving a speech, or relating to people who are from a different background. This is a foundational course for all other academic pursuits—it gives you a strong base on which you will build communication competencies.

You will explore the use of language and nonverbal concepts such as body language, voice, eye contact and appearance, as they relate to daily encounters such as getting along with a roommate, working with peers, handling disagreements or actively participating in both local and global societies.

This course goes beyond a theoretical understanding of communication and teaches you how to be a compelling and credible speaker by better understanding the roles and skills of the speaker and of the audience. You will design and deliver both informative and persuasive speeches during the semester.

The three forms of GCOM are differentiated by the assignments typical in the class.


GCOM 121: Fundamental Human Communication: Presentations

Assignments in GCOM 121 include intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group and public communication.  This course emphasizes communication in a variety of contexts.


GCOM 122: Fundamental Human Communication: Individual Presentations

Assignments in GCOM 122 focus on public communication but may include small group activities and presentations. This course emphasizes speech preparation and delivery for the individual speaker.


GCOM 123: Fundamental Human Communication: Group Presentations

Assignments in GCOM 123 focus on small group communication.  This course emphasizes speech preparation and delivery as a group of speakers working together.