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GBUS 160


The focus of GBUS 160 is on YOU as a citizen decision maker, a consumer, and a financially responsible individual. If you select GBUS as your Cluster One Critical Thinking course you will examine the decision making skills that are necessary to successfully navigate our capitalist free-enterprise economy. The three main themes of this class are business ethics & social responsibility; securing your financial future; and being an engaged and responsible consumer.

GBUS 160 is NOT your typical Introduction to Business course. Unlike most introductory business courses which emphasize business enterprises, this course focuses on the individual and how business entities impact the quality of YOUR life. To that end, you will study the businesses decision making processes that promote ethical behavior and socially responsible business activities. Armed with that knowledge you should be better positioned to make informed choices with respect to regulating business activities that impact you as a citizen of the community.

 The second focus of this course looks at how business creates value so that you can make decisions about participating in the wealth creation process through investing in the stock and bond markets in order to secure your financial future. One of the projects utilized to achieve this objective is a stock market investment simulation. In conjunction with this module, you will also learn how to use credit responsibly, employing the same financial strategies and techniques used by businesses to achieve their financial goals. In this module you will be asked to create a budget and research how to purchase significant assets such as a home or automobile.

The last area of focus involves understanding the strategies businesses employ to market products. Again the focus is on the individual as being an intelligent and responsible consumer of goods and services. By being knowledgeable of the marketing strategies, media techniques and psychology implemented by business to entice you into the exchange process, you will be able to superimpose your value system on the exchange, thus making more intelligent choices in satisfying your needs.