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Letter from the Vice Provost for University Programs

Spring 2013

Dear JMU Student:

The general education program and its faculty are pleased to welcome you to James Madison University.

We are proud of the academic reputation of our general education program, or core curriculum, called The Human Community. This core academic program will be about a third of your college curriculum and is completed by most students in their first two years. You may have heard this part of your college education called a liberal arts education—it is designed to provide you with the opportunity to become an educated person.

Please be certain to read about General Education in the One Book and complete Step 2 on the One Book web page. We need this essential information in May so that you can register for appropriate courses when you come to campus for orientation. These important preparatory activities set the stage for a successful first semester and for your entire academic program.

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you become a part of the JMU community!

Sincerely yours,

Linda Cabe Halpern
Vice Provost for University Programs

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