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Comments from Past Generlal Education Student Conferences

"As part of a unit on education in GWRTC 103, my students attended the conference and wrote a reflection on the experience; students in my GHUM 200 course attended and wrote reflective essays for extra credit. 

These written responses are overwhelmingly positive, and demonstrate that the conference contributes greatly to the community at James Madison University.  Students report being motivated, inspired, and challenged by the student presenters. 

Furthermore, based on the responses, students benefit in multiple ways and learn valuable lessons regarding membership in the JMU community, the importance of personal growth and courage, the value of General Education courses and the opportunities they provide, the importance of social justice and global citizenship, and the benefits of academic engagement.   Overall, the conference inspired students and reaffirmed the value of their experience in the General Education Program at James Madison University. "

“If there is one thing I learned from this conference, it is that we are all equal, and we should love each other.  Here at JMU, we are a family.”

“It showed us that college is the time to find out who we are and to grasp every opportunity that we have here.” 

“[The presenters] inspired me to reach out to others, understand and accept differences, and make a change in the JMU community.”

“What I learned from all three presenters was that fear can be very hard to face, but allowing ourselves as human beings to come to terms with these fears can allow us to feel more at place within the world.”

“Through this conference I hope that I have gained the confidence and ability to tackle my problems head on.”

“I have been encouraged to explore and push my own limits as these courageous people have.” 

“It taught me how to branch out of my comfort zone to better myself.”

“What an amazing program!  Each presentation inspired me to change something regarding my own belief system and attempt to change the views of others.”

“I thought this was an interesting and innovative approach to [GHUM 200].”

 “What I learned from [the presenter] was to take my Gen Ed classes seriously because there is so much you can learn in them.” 

“The Gen Ed conference was an opportunity to really see the benefits and importance of the Gen Ed courses students take here at JMU.”

“General education professors want you to succeed.” 

“It convinced me that if you put effort into your General Education classes then you can get an incredible experience out of them.”

“It was clear to me these courses are important and that you can really make something meaningful out of them.”

 “The General Education Student Conference showed me how lessons that I may learn in the classroom can be applied to real life.”

“Gen Ed classes allow students to challenge themselves in new ways.”

“This conference showed that General Education courses are extremely important to our education here at James Madison University and can even be life-changing.”

 “It made me more aware of the events happening around me.”

 “Their stories will help stimulate change.”

 “Going to this conference was eye-opening.”

 “This showed me how I could use writing as a powerful tool to connect with people.”

“From here on out, I plan to achieve that level of excellence in my future works.”

“I won’t be afraid to explore myself a bit deeper to find a truly compelling essay topic.”

“All of the presenters wrote about topics they were passionate about.”

 “It helped me become more daring in my writing.”

 “I was surprised and enlightened by the students’ presentations.”

 “[The presenter] has inspired me to change one of my goals for this semester—I want my words to inspire someone.” 

“You never know what one topic that you begin to write about can turn into.”

“The things I learned from this presentation I know will stick in my memory forever.”

“I’ll never forget these students, because every time I sit down to write, I now know the power of the opportunity that sits in front of me.”