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Cluster Five Course Descriptions

GHTH 100. Personal Wellness. 3 credits.
Emphasizes lifestyle behaviors contributing to health promotion and disease prevention. General areas affecting health status are identified and suggestions made as to how health-related behaviors, self-care and individual decisions contribute to wellness and influence dimensions of health.  Additional Information on this course.

GKIN 100. Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (2, 2). 3 credits.
This course is designed to help students adopt and maintain the behaviors associated with an active and healthy lifestyle. Through this course students will learn the importance of maintaining wellness through a physically active lifestyle. Through lectures and labs, students study and develop the behavioral patterns consistent with the current knowledge base in fitness and wellness.  Additional Information on this course.

GPSYC 101. General Psychology. 3 credits.
A study of the nervous system, sensation, perception, consciousness, learning, memory, language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, life span development, personality, psychopathology, psychotherapy, social psychology and the scientific method.

GPSYC 160. Life Span Human Development. 3 credits.
An introduction to human development. Emphasis is on life span processes within physical, emotional, cognitive, psychosexual, social, personality and moral development.

GSOCI 140. MicroSociology: The Individual in Society. 3 credits.
This course explores the importance of social structure, agency and symbolic interaction in the social construction of realities. It will examine major contributors to the sociological social psychological tradition. The course will help students reflect on issues such as self, self-presentation and identity, relationships, body, inequality, citizenship, nonconformity and resistance.