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Cluster Coordinator Responsibilities

Cluster Coordinator Responsibilities

As members of the General Education Program staff, Cluster Coordinators maintain and articulate a vision for the Clusters and serve as reliable sources of program information to the University Community.  They also coordinate communication between their Cluster committee, faculty who teach in the Cluster, Department Heads/School Directors who staff courses in the Cluster, General Education Program staff, and the General Education Council. To facilitate this work, coordinators teach approximately half-time and dedicate the other half to the following responsibilities:


Cluster-Level Responsibilities 

  1. Chair the Cluster Committee and call meetings, set agendas, bring forward items of concern, and make regular reports concerning the Cluster’s activities to the other four coordinators, the General Education Program staff, and the Dean of University Studies.
  2. Build and maintain strong working relationships with Department Heads/School Directors to promote open and positive communication about Cluster objectives and Department needs.
  3. Oversee work of the Center for Assessment and Research Studies to conduct regular Cluster assessment and disseminate the results of their assessment to relevant stakeholders.
  4. Support teaching excellence in the Cluster by facilitating resource requests by faculty who teach in the Cluster or providing them with other forms of support. 
  5. Prepare Cluster Annual Reports and manage periodic Self-Studies to help align Cluster objectives, courses, and the program goals and mission. 
  6. Participate in Cluster-specific course enrollment projections. 
  7. Participate in the selection of faculty hired to contribute to the Cluster as requested by departments. 
  8. Work with students in situations requiring directive, waiver, or substitution of Cluster requirements.


Program-Level Responsibilities  

  1. Provide supplemental support (as needed) for the Summer Orientation, Admission’s Open Houses, and/or university-wide Choices day events.
  2. Work with University Studies to coordinate the annual General Education Student Conference, LEI and other university-wide events. 
  3. Participate in selected university-wide initiatives on behalf of General Education such as Preface, CFI, Honors, Environmental Stewardship, SCHEV, Diversity, etc.
  4. Chair/serve on committees as requested or assigned by the Dean or Associate Dean (Search Committees, APR, GEC, SACSCOC, etc.).                                                                     

Updated 2-3-2012