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General Education Council Members
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

Chair: Phil Heap
General Education Representatives
Associate Vice Provost: Meg Mulrooney
Cluster One Coordinator: Gretchen Hazard, Communication Studies
Cluster Two Coordinator: Dennis Beck, Theatre and Dance
Cluster Three Coordinator: Scott Paulson, Physics
Cluster Four Coordinator: Skip Hyser, History
Cluster Five Coordinator: Georgia Polacek
Cluster Committee Representatives
Cluster One: Thad Herron, SCOM
Cluster Two: Vacant
Cluster Three: Amanda Biesecker, ISAT
Cluster Four: Bernie Kaussler, Political Science
Cluster Five: Jana Walters, Kinesiology
College Representatives
CVPA: Laura Katzman, Art and Art History
CAL: Michael Moghtader, WRTC
COE: Susan Barnes, COE
CISE: Eric Pappas, ISAT
 CHBS: Claire Lyons, Psychology
COB: Matt Rutherford, COB
CSM: Deb Warnaar, Chemistry
University Representatives
CARS: Donna Sundre
AACD: Mary Morsch
Libraries & Educational Technologies: Kathy Clarke
Faculty Senate Liaison: Johnathan Walker, IDLS
Student Representatives
SGA Representative: Kathy Corena
SGA Representative: Emilia Otero