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  Working Papers Series in Global Nonviolence 

    Working papers are research articles that have been submitted to the center. The center maintains this index of working
    papers in order to help disseminate, discuss and improve important ideas.

  Books by Gandhi Center Affiliate Faculty




  Spirituality, Religion, and Peace Education.

  This co-edited book contains fifteen chapters on world spiritual traditions, religions, and
  their connections and relevance to peacebuilding and peacemaking.







Transforming Education for Peace




Transforming Education for Peace

Currently, peace education remains marginalized in our education system, however, a united front can be formed and powerful paradigms can empower educators to play a critical role in peace building through scholarship, practice and activism. The diverse array of contributors in the book demonstrate that educators as peace makers can be and have been instrumental in transforming social forces, the self and others for the construction of global peace.






147 Tips




  147 Practical Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation

  This volume starts with the idea that violence is not inherent, but has forcibly occupied our
  history books, giving us a one-sided story that is self-perpetuating. From the beginning, it
  argues that peace must be actively taught. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we
  wish to see in the world."  147 Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation gives you keys 
  to peace in your own life and in the social environment around you through pragmatic,
  applicable suggestions written in an informative and conversational style.