The Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence’s Drawing Peace Contest strives to foster a culture of nonviolence and peace by raising awareness among children ages 6-12 from all over the world, through the medium of art.  The objective of this contest is to allow children and youth to appreciate the value of nonviolence, the potential of nonviolent action to address conflicts, the value of social responsibility, the interconnected nature of the human experience, and the planet’s natural environment.

Teachers and educators participating in the contest may assist children in creating a tale using animals, nature, colors, or their own symbols.  Entries may be in the form of a poster, drawing, sketches or comic strip, depending on the will of the participant.  (This initiative is based on UNESCO's "Draw Me Peace" contest held in 2002.)

We look forward to receiving the art submissions from participating schools around the globe.  We accept art from elementary schools locally in the Shenandoah Valley as well as schools in Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Zambia, Ghana, and many other nations around the world.  The artwork selected for display will be exhibited on James Madison University’s campus in Harrisonburg, Virginia during the month of April, 2010.  If you are a teacher or educator interested in having your students participate in this contest, the following link shows the requirements for each piece of art as well as any other additional information.

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"Preserving the Planet" artwork submitted to the Drawing Peace Contest by Sanjana Namreen (age 8), Bangledesh.

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