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GHUM 252.  Gandhi, Nonviolence, and Global Transformation.  TuTh 8:00am-9:15am.  Dr. Sushil Mittal. 

Offered through the Department of Philosophy and Religion, this interdisciplinary course is a study of Gandhi, the man, and Gandhi, the myth.  For the ability to disturb people and at the same time be useable, this course is also about his philosophy of ahimsa, or nonviolence, in personal and social transformation, and our memory of him.  

CDS 401. Gandhi Center Internship. Meeting times TBA. Mr. Gary Race.

This course allows students to receive academic credit for work experienced in a recognized JMU center or institute. Internships must be approved in advance by the center director and follow the guidelines established by the participating center or institute. Internship is granted at the discretion of the center director. Prequisites: Junior or senior standing and permission of the director. Please contact Gary Race at racegs@jmu.edu or at (540) 568-4060 to sign up.