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  Natalia Bradshaw-Parson

Dr. Joanne Gabbin and the Furious Flower Poetry Center have partnered with University of Virginia Press and California Newsreel to produce publications that educate and pay homage to African American Poets and their works:

Furious Flower provides a fascinating collective portrait of African-American poetry at the close of the twentieth century – as well as an indication of where it may be headed as we enter the twenty-first. The book includes biographies of the contributors and a dynamic collection of performance photographs by C.B. Claiborne featuring many of the Furious Flower participants as they appeared at the original 1994 conference.

Furious Flowering offers students, scholars, readers, and writers of African-American poetry a chance to take part in an unprecedented discussion of a complex literary culture.  This collection of essays and six lively interviews with practicing poets, arising from the now-famous Furious Flower Conference of 1994, provides a mosaic of the major critical and aesthetic issues emerging from the poetry and its literary milieu.

The Furious Flower video anthology features African American verse during the last half of the 20th century and offers intimate portraits of twenty-six leading poets, each reading and discussing his or her own work.

Furious Flower II is the definitive teaching tool for exploring the world of today’s Black poetry.  Surpassing the scope, ambition and accomplishments of its 1998 predecessor FURIOUS FLOWER, this three-part DVD program presents outstanding critical scholarship on Black contemporary poetry’s origins and trends, its conflicts and consonances.

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