Furious Flower
  Poetry Center
  MSC 3802
  Harrisonburg, VA 22807
  PHONE: (540) 568-8883
  FAX: (540) 568-8888

  Natalia Bradshaw-Parson

James Madison University Poetry Club
est. 2005

The JMU Poetry Club was created by Furious Flower Poetry Center in Fall 2005.  JMU students and poets in the Harrisonburg community meet weekly to workshop their latest poems and to study poetry that inspires them.  The Furious Flower Poetry Center provides opportunities for club participants to work with professional poets, such as T.J. Anderson, III, and Mervyn Morris.

Members of the poetry club are also involved in community service projects.  They have acted as student ambassadors to visiting students and poets, and have worked with Pat Kennedy, director of the Reading Road Show, to bring poetry to underrepresented children in the Harrisonburg area.  Poetry Club members are also currently working to develop the Shenandoah Valley SLAM Team.

If you are interested in learning more about the club, please contact Ivaco Clarke at or call Elizabeth at Furious Flower: 568-2694.