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Blooming in the Noise

Audio/Visual Resources from Furious Flower

These special presentations give you access to events and projects to which the Furious Flower Poetry Center has contributed. In them, you'll find extended interviews, scholarly review and reflection, readings by major and emerging poets, and the honoring and celebration of some of our greatest African American writers. All are suggested for use in the classroom.

Sheer Good Fortune DVD

"Sheer Good Fortune" was an evening devoted to honoring Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, an American novelist, editor, and professor. This DVD includes footage from the fall 2012 event at Virginia Tech, as well as interviews with Morrison’s peers and literary heirs. Writers, artists, and scholars read her work and talk about the magic of her writing, how it subverts easy assumptions, and how its lyricism and spiritualism take our breath away.

  • DVD: Event footage and bonus interviews
  • Publisher: Furious Flower Poetry Center
  • Language: English

Insititutional copies available from James Madison University

Personal use copies available from California Newsreel.


From Virginia Tech behind the scenes:
the making of Sheer Good Fortune

Joanne Gabbin and Nikki Giovanni hosted a memorial celebration for Lucille Clifton on September 21, 2010 at James Madison University. The tribute program, "73 Poems for 73 Years:  Celebrating the Life of Lucille Clifton," brought together poets from around the country, who read her poems and reflected on her life. 

  • DVD and Souvenir Booklet: Event footage and bonus interviews, booklet (52 pages)
  • Publisher: Furious Flower Poetry Center
  • Language: English

Available from James Madison University ($15).

Mourning Katrina CD

My Soul is Anchored: Poems from the Mourning Katrina National Writing Project (2006) features 22 poems about hurricanes Katrina and Rita and their aftermath.

  • CD: Poetry readings
  • Publisher: Furious Flower Poetry Center
  • Language: English 

Available from James Madison University ($10).

 Furious Flower II

Furious Flower II is the definitive teaching tool for exploring the world of today's Black poetry. Surpassing the scope, ambition and accomplishments of its 1998 predecessor Furious Flower, this three-part DVD program presents outstanding critical scholarship on Black contemporary poetry's origins and trends, its conflicts and consonances.

  • DVD: Readings, critical review, presentations, panel discussions
  • Publisher: California Newsreel
  • Language: English

Available from California Newsreel.

 Furious Flower VHS

The Furious Flower video anthology features African American verse during the last half of the 20th century and offers intimate portraits of twenty-six leading poets, each reading and discussing his or her own work.

  • VHS:  Readings, critical review, presentations, panel discussions of African American Poetry 1960–1995
  • Publisher: California Newsreel
  • Language: English

Available from California Newsreel.

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