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Ai | Elizabeth Alexander | Kwame Alexander | Samuel W. Allen | Maya Angelou | Alvin Aubert | Vivian Ayers | Houston A. Baker | asha bandele | Amiri Baraka | George Barlow | Gerald Barrax | Paul Beatty | Remica L. Bingham | Arna Bontemps | William Stanley Braithwaite | Charlie R. Braxton | Joanne M. Braxton | Gwendolyn Brooks | Helen Morgan Brooks | Sterling Brown | Lucille Clifton | Jericho Brown | Cyrus Cassells | Kiarri T-H Cheatwood | Cheryl Clarke | Wanda Coleman | Sam Cornish | Jayne Cortez | Countee Cullen | Waring Cuney | Fred D'Aguiar | Margaret E. Danner | Frank Marshall Davis | Kwame Dawes |Thomas C. Dent | Toi Derricotte | Owen Dodson | Rita Dove | Henry Dumas | Paul Laurence Dunbar | Camille T. Dungy | Cornelius Eady | James A. Emanuel | Mari Evans | Sarah Webster Fabio | Julia Fields | Nikky Finney | Nikki Giovanni | C.S. Giscombe | Forrest Hamer | Michael S. Harper | Frances E.W. Harper | Duriel E. Harris | Robert Hayden | Terrance Hayes | David Henderson | Safiya Henderson-Holmes | Calvin Hernton | Everett Hoagland | Langston Hughes | Esther Iverem | Angela Jackson | Major Jackson | Lance Jeffers | Ted Joans | Fenton Johnson | Georgia Douglas Johnson | James Weldon Johnson | Helene Johnson | Patricia Spears Jones | Bob Kaufman | Dolores Kendrick | Keorapetse Kgositsile | Etheridge Knight | Yusef Komunyakaa | Oliver LaGrone | Pinkie Gordon Lane | Quraysh Ali Lansana | Audre Lorde | Nathaniel Mackey | Naomi Long Madgett | Haki Madhubuti | Kenneth A. McClane | Colleen McElroy | Claude McKay | Tony Medina | E. Ethelbert Miller | Adam David Miller | May Miller |Opal Moore | Lenard D. Moore | jessica Care moore | Thylias Moss | Harryette Rommell Mullen | Larry Neal | Marilyn Nelson | Brenda Marie Osbey | Raymond B. Patterson | Carl Phillips | Wanda Phipps | Sterling D. Plumpp | Allen Polite | Dudley Randall | Eugene Redmond | Ishmael Reed | Louis Reyes Rivera | Conrad Kent Rivers | Carolyn Marie Rodgers | Mona Lisa Saloy | Sonia Sanchez | Ntozake Shange | Alfred B. Spellman | Lamont Steptoe | Sharan Strange | Elma Stuckey | Lorenzo Thomas | Julius E. Thompson | Melvin Beaunorous Tolson | Jean Toomer | Askia M. Touré | Natasha Trethewey | Quincy Troupe | Derek Walcott | Alice Walker Margaret Walker | Afaa Michael Weaver | Phillis Wheatley | James Monroe Whitfield | Albery Allson Whitman | Sherley Anne Williams | Jay Wright | Richard Wright | Marvin X | Kalamu ya Salaam | Al Young | Kevin Young

Cruelty, 1973, Houghton Mifflin
Killing Floor, 1979, Houghton Mifflin
Sin, 1986, Houghton Mifflin
Fate, 1991, Houghton Mifflin
Greed, 1993, Houghton Mifflin
Vice: New and Selected Poems, 1999, W. W. Norton & Company
Dread, 2003, W. W. Norton & Company

Elizabeth Alexander
(1962- )
Body of Life, 1997, Northwestern University Press
Antebellum Dream Book, 2001, Graywolf Press
The Venus Hottentot, 2004, Graywolf Press
American Sublime, 2005, Graywolf Press
American Blue: Selected Poems, 2006, Bloodaxe Books Ltd
Miss Crandall's School for Young Ladies and Little Misses of Color (with Marilyn Nelson, young adult poems), 2007, Front Street Press
Poems in Conversation and a Conversation (with Lyrae Van-Clief Stefanon), 2008, Slapering Hol Press
Praise Song for the Day, 2009, Graywolf Press

Kwame Alexander
Just Us: Poems and Counterpoems 1986-1995, 1997, BlackWords
Kupenda: Love Poems, 2000, BlackWords
Dancing Naked on the Floor, 2005, Writers Lair
Crush: Love Poems, 2007, Word of Mouth Books
And Then You Know: New & Selected Poems, 2009, Word of Mouth Books

Samuel W. Allen
(1917- )
Ivory Tusks and Other Poems, 1968, Poets Press / Kriya Press
Paul Vesey's Ledger, 1975, Broadside Press
Every Round and Other Poems, 1988, Lotus Press

Maya Angelou
(1928- )
Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Diiie, 1971, Random House
Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well, 1975, Random House
And Still I Rise, 1978, Random House
Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?, 1983, Random House
I Shall Not Be Moved, 1990, Random House
On the Pulse of Morning, 1993, Random House
Phenomenal Woman, 1995, Random House

Alvin Aubert
(1930- )
Against the Blues, 1972, Broadside Press
Feeling Through, 1975, Greenfield Review Press
South Louisiana: New and Selected Poems, 1986, Lunchroom
If Winter Come: Collected Poems 1967-1992, 1994, Carnegie Mellon University Press
Harlem Wrestler and Other Poems, 1995, Michigan State University Press

Vivian Ayers
Spice of Dawns: A Book of Verse, 1953, Exposition Press

Houston A. Baker
(1943- )
No Matter Where You Travel, You Still Be Black, 1979, Lotus Press
Spirit Run, 1982, Lotus Press
Blues Journeys Home: New and Selected Poems, 1985, Lotus Press
Passing Over, 2000, Lotus Press

asha bandele
(1970- )
Absence in the Palms of My Hands: & Other Poems, 1996, Writers & Readers Publishing, Inc.
The Subtle Art of Breathing, 2005, Moore Black Press

Amiri Baraka
(1934- )
Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note, 1961, Totem Press
The Dead Lecturer: Poems, 1964, Grove Press
Black Magic: Poetry 1961-1967, 1969, Bobbs-Merrill
It's Nation Time, 1970, Third World Press
Hard Facts 1973-1975 (Peoples War), 1975, Congress of Afrikan People
Selected Poetry of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones, 1979, William Morrow
The Music: Reflections on Jazz and Blues, 1987, William Morrow
Wise, Why’s, Y’s: The Griot's Song Djeli Ya, 1995, Third World Press
Transbluesency : the selected poems of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones (1961-1995), 1995, Marsilio Publishers
Funk Lore: New Poems 1984-1995, 1996, Littoral Books
Somebody Blew Up America & Other Poems, 2004, House of Nehesi

George Barlow
(1948- )
Gabriel, 1974, Broadside Press
Gumbo, 1981

Gerald Barrax
(1933- )
Another Kind of Rain, 1970, University of Pittsburgh Press
An Audience of One: Poems, 1980, University of Georgia Press
The Deaths of Animals and Lesser Gods, 1984, University of Kentucky
Leaning Against the Sun, 1992, University of Arkansas Press
From a Person Sitting in Darkness: New and Selected Poems, 1998, Louisiana State University Press

Paul Beatty
(1962- )
Big Bank Take Little Bank: New Cafe Poets, No.1, 1991, Nuyorican Poets Cafe Press
Joker, Joker, Deuce, 1994, Penguin Press

Remica L. Bingham
Conversion, 2006, Lotus Press

William Stanley Braithwaite
Lyrics of Life, 1904
The House of Falling Leaves, 1908

Charlie R. Braxton
(1961- )
Ascension from the Ashes, 1990, Blackwood Press

Joanne M. Braxton
(1950- )
Sometimes I think of Maryland, 1977, Sunbury Press

Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks
A Street in Bronzeville, 1945, Harper
Annie Allen, 1949, Harper
The Bean Eaters, 1960, Harper
In the Time of Detatchment, In the Time of Cold, 1965, Civil War Centennial Commission of Illinois
In the Mecca, 1968, Harper
For Illinois 1968: A Sesquicentennial Poem, 1968, Harper
Riot, 1969, Broadside Press
Family Pictures, 1970, Broadside Press
Aloneness, 1971, Broadside Press
Aurora, 1972, Broadside Press
Beckonings, 1975, Broadside Press
Primer for Blacks, 1980, Black Position Press
To Disembark, 1981, Third World Press
Black Love, 1982, Brooks Press
The Near-Johannesburg Boy and Other Poems, 1987, David Co.
Gottschalk and the Grande Tarantelle, 1988, David Co.
Winnie, 1988, Third World Press
Children Coming Home, 1991, David Co.
In Montgomery, and Other Poems, 2003, Third World Press

Helen Morgan Brooks
From These My Years
Against Whatever Sky, 1955, Advocate Books
A Slat of Wood & Other Poems, 1979, The Whimsie Press

Sterling Brown
Southern Road, 1932, Harcourt, Brace and Co.
The Last Ride of Wild Bill and Eleven Narrative Poems, 1975, Detroit Broadside Press
The Collected Poems of Sterling A. Brown, 1980, Harper & Row

Jericho Brown
Please, 2008, New Issues Poetry & Prose

Cyrus Cassells
(1957- )
The Mud Actor, 1982, Holt, Rhinehart and Winston
Soul Make a Path Through Shouting, 1994, Copper Canyon Press
Beautiful Signor, 1997, Copper Canyon Press
More Than Peace and Cypresses, 2004, Copper Canyon Press

Kiarri T-H Cheatwood
Valley of the Anointers, 1979, Lotus Press
Psalms of Redemption, 1983, Lotus Press
Elegies for Patrice, 1984, Lotus Press
Bloodstorm, 1986, Lotus Press
Shattered Kente & a Maelstrom of Blackness : A 3-Suite of Scorched Earth Poetry & Afrikan Love Songs, 2002, Native Sun Press

Cheryl Clarke
(1947- )
Living As a Lesbian: Poetry, 1986, Firebrand Books
Experimental Love: Poetry, 1993, Firebrand Books
The Days of Good Looks: The Prose and Poetry of Cheryl Clarke, 1980 to 2005, 2006, Da Capo Press

Lucille Clifton
Good Times, 1969, Random House
Good News About the Earth, 1972, Random House
An Ordinary Woman, 1974, Random House
Two-Headed Woman, 1980, University of Massachusetts Press
Good Woman: Poems and a Memoir, 1987, BOA Editions Ltd.
Next: New Poems, 1987, BOA Editions Ltd.
Ten Oxherding Pictures, 1988, Moving Parts Press
Quilting: Poems 1987-1991, 1991, BOA Editions Ltd.
The Book of Light, 1993, Copper Canyon Press
The Terrible Stories, 1996, BOA Editions Ltd.
Blessing the Boats, 2000, BOA Editions Ltd.
Mercy, 2004, BOA Editions Ltd.
Voices, 2008, BOA Editions Ltd.

Wanda Coleman
(1923- )
Imagoes, 1983
Heavy Daughter Blues: Poems & Stories 1968-1986, 1988, Black Sparrow Press
African Sleeping Sickness, 1990, Black Sparrow Press
Hand Dance, 1993, Black Sparrow Press
Bathwater Wine, 1998, Black Sparrow Press
Mercurochrome: New Poems, 2001, Black Sparrow Press

Sam Cornish
Generations: Poems, 1971, Beacon Press
Sam's World: Poems, 1978, Decatur House Press
Songs of Jubilee: Selected and New Poems, 1986, Unicorn Press
Folks Like Me, 1993, Zoland Books
Cross A Parted Sea: Poems, 1996, Zoland Books
An Apron Full of Beans, 2008, CavanKerry Press

Jayne Cortez
(1936- )
Pissstained Stairs and the Monkey Man's Wares, 1969, Phrase Book
Scarifications, 1973, Bola Press
Mouth on Paper, 1977
Firespitter, 1982
Coagulations: New and Selected Poems, 1984, Thunder's Mouth Press
Poetic Magnetic, 1991, Bola Press
Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere, 1997, Serpent's Tail
Jazz Fan Looks Back, 2002, Hanging Loose Press
On the Imperial Highway: New and Selected Poems, 2009, Hanging Loose Press

Countee Cullen
Color, 1925, Harper & Brothers
Tableau, 1925
Copper Sun, 1927, Harper & Brothers
The Ballad of the Brown Girl, 1928
The Black Christ and Other Poems, 1929, Harper & Brothers
Any Human to Another, 1934
The Medea and Some Other Poems, 1935
On These I Stand: An Anthology of the Best Poems of Countee Cullen, 1947, Harper & Brothers

Waring Cuney
Puzzles, 1960, DeRoos
Storefront Church, 1973, Paul Breman

Fred D'Aguiar
(1960- )
Mama Dot, 1985, Chatto & Windus
Airy Hall, 1989
British Subjects, 1993, Dufour Editions
Bill of Rights, 1998, Random House UK
Bloodlines, 2001, Overlook Press
An English Sampler: New and Selected Poems, 2001, Chatto & Windus
Continental Shelf, 2009, Carcanet Press Ltd

Margaret Esse Danner
Impressions of African Art Forms, 1960, Contemporary Studies of Miles Poetry Association of Wayne State University
To Flower, 1963, The Hemphill Press
Poem Counterpoem, 1965, Broadside Press
Iron Lace, 1968, Kriya Press

Frank Marshall Davis
Black Man's Verse, 1935, Black Cat Press
I Am The American Negro, 1937, Black Cat Press
47th Street, 1948
Black Moods: collected poems, 2002, University Of Illinois Press
Awakening, and Other Poems

Kwame Dawes
(1962- )
Progeny of Air, 1994, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Prophets, 1995, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Resisting the Anomie, 1995, Goose Lane
Jacko Jacobus, 1996, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Requiem, 1997, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Shook Foil, 1998, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Map Maker, 2000, Smith/Doorstop Books
Midland, 2001, Ohio University Press
New and Selected Poems, 2003, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Bruised Totem, 2004, Parallel Press
Impossible Flying, 2006, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Brimming, 2006
Wisteria: Poems from the Swamp Country, 2006, Red Hen Press
Gomer's Song, 2007, Akashic Books
Hope's Hospice and Other Poems, 2009, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Wheels, 2010, Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Back of Mount Peace, 2010, Peepal Tree Press Ltd. 2010

Thomas C. Dent
Magnolia Street, 1976
Blue Lights and River Songs, 1982

Toi Derricotte
(1941- )
The Empress of the Death House, 1978, Lotus Press
Natural Birth, 1983, The Crossing Press
Captivity, 1989, University of Pittsburgh Press
Tender, 1997, University of Pittsburgh Press

Owen Dodson
(1914- 1983)
Powerful Long Ladder, 1940, Farrar, Straus and Company
The Confession Stone: Song Cycles, 1970, Paul Breman

Rita Dove
(1952- )
The Yellow House on the Corner, 1980, Carnegie Mellon Press
Museum, 1983, Carnegie Mellon Press
Thomas and Beulah, 1986, Carnegie Mellon Press
Grace Notes, 1989, W.W. Norton & Co.
Selected Poems, 1993, Vintage Books
Mother Love, 1995, W.W. Norton & Co.
On the Bus with Rosa Parks, 1999, W.W. Norton & Co.
American Smooth, 2004, W.W. Norton & Co.

Henry Dumas
Knees of a Natural Man: Poetry, 1989, Thunder's Mouth Press

Paul Laurence Dunbar
Oak and Ivy, 1893
Majors and Minors, 1895
Lyrics of Lowly Life, 1896, Dodd, Mead and Company
Lyrics of the Hearthside, 1899
Poems of Cabin and Field, 1899
Candle-Lightin' Time, 1901
Lyrics of Love and Laughter, 1903
When Malindy Sings, 1903
Howdy, Howdy, Howdy, 1905
Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow, 1905
The complete poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1913, Dodd, Mead and Company

Camille T. Dungy
(1972- )
The Seasoning, 1997, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
What to Eat, What to Drink, What to Leave for Poison, 2006, Red Hen Press
Suck on the Marrow, 2010, Red Hen Press

Cornelius Eady
(1954- )
Kartunes, 1980, Warthog Press
Victims of the Latest Dance Craze, 1986, Carnegie Mellon Press
BOOM BOOM BOOM, 1988, State Street Press
The Gathering of My Name, 1991, Carnegie Mellon Press
You Don't Miss Your Water, 1995, Henry Holt and Co.
The Autobiography of a Jukebox, 1997, Carnegie Mellon Press
Brutal Imagination, 2001, Putnam Adult

James A. Emanuel
(1921- )
The Treehouse and Other Poems, 1968, Broadside Press
Panther Man, 1970, Broadside Press
Black Man Abroad: The Toulouse Poems, 1978, Lotus Press
A Chisel in the Dark, 1980, Lotus Press
A Poet's Mind, 1982, Prentice Hall College Div
  The Broken Bowl, 1983, Lotus Press
Deadly James and Other Poems, 1987, Lotus Press
Whole Grain: Collected Poems, 1958-1989, 1991, Lotus Press

Mari Evans
(1923- )
Where is the Music, 1968
I Am a Black Woman, 1970
Night Star: 1973-1978, 1981, CAAS (Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA)
A Dark and Splendid Mass, 1992, Harlem River Press
Continuum: New and Selected Poems, 2007, Black Classic Press

Sarah Webster Fabio
A Mirror: A Soul, 1969
Black is a Panther Caged, 1972
Rainbow Signs, 1974

Julia Fields
(1938- )
I Heard A Young Man Saying, 1967
A Summoning, 1976
Slow Coins, 1981, Passeggiata Press

Nikky Finney
On Wings Made of Gauze, 1985, William Morrow
Rice, 1995, Sister Vision
The World is Round, 2003, InnerLight Publications
Head Off and Split, 2011, Triquarterly

Nikki Giovanni
(1943- )
Black Feeling, Black Talk, 1968, Broadside Press
Black Feeling, Black Talk, Black Judgment, 1968, Broadside Press
Re:creation, 1970, Broadside Press
My House: Poems, 1972, William Morrow
The Women and the Men, 1975, William Morrow
Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day, 1978, William Morrow
Those Who Ride the Night Winds, 1983, William Morrow
Ego-tripping and Other Poems for Young People, 1993, Lawrence Hill Books
Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni, 1996, William Morrow
Love Poems, 1997, William Morrow
Blues: For All the Changes, 1999, William Morrow
Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea: Poems and Not Quite Poems, 2002, William Morrow
The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni, 2003, William Morrow
Acolytes, 2007, William Morrow
Bicycles: Love Poems, 2009, William Morrow

C.S. Giscombe
(1950- )
Postcards, 1977
At Large, 1989
Here, 1994, Dalkey Archive Press
Two Selections from Giscombe Road, 1995
Giscombe Road, 1998, Dalkey Archive Press
Prairie Style, 2008, Dalkey Archive Press

Forrest Hamer
(1956- )
Call and Response, 1995, Alice James
Middle Ear, 2000, The Roundhouse Press
Rift: Poems, 2007, Four Way Books

Michael S. Harper
(1938- )
Dear John, Dear Coltrane, 1970, University of Pittsburgh Press
History Is Your Own Heartbeat, 1971, University of Illinois Press
Song: I Want a Witness, 1972, University of Pittsburgh Press
Debridement, 1973, Doubleday
Nightmare Begins Responsibility, 1974, University of Illinois Press
Images of Kin: New and Selected Poems, 1977, University of Illinois Press
Rhode Island: Eight Poems, 1981, Pym-Randall
Healing Song for the Inner Ear, 1985, University of Illinois Press
Songlines: Mosaics, 1991, Ziggurat Press/Brown University
Honorable Amendments: Poems, 1995, University of Illinois Press
Songlines in Michaeltree: New and Collected Poems, 2000, University of Illinois Press
Selected Poems, 2002, Arc Publicatons
Use Trouble: Poems, 2009, University of Illinois Press

Frances E.W. Harper
Forest Leaves, 1845
Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects, 1854

Duriel E. Harris
Drag, 2003, Elixir Press
Amnesiac: Poems, 2010, Sheep Meadow

Robert Hayden
Selected Poems, 1966, October House
Words in the Mourning Time: Poems, 1970
Angle of Ascent: New and Selected Poems, 1975, W. W. Norton and Company
American Journal: Poems, 1982, Liveright Publishing Corporation
Collected Poems: Robert Hayden, 1985, Liveright Publishing Corporation

Terrance Hayes
(1971- )
Muscular Music, 1999, Carnegie-Mellon University Press
Hip Logic, 2002, Penguin
Wind in a Box, 2006, Penguin
Lighthead, 2010, Penguin

David Henderson
(1942- )
Felix of the Silent Forest, 1967, Poets Press
De Mayor of Harlem, 1970, E.P. Dutton

Safiya Henderson-Holmes
(? -2001)
Madness and a Bit of Hope, 1991, Writers and Readers
Daily Bread: Poems, 1994, Writers and Readers

Calvin Hernton
The Coming of Chronos to the House of Nightsong: An Epical Narrative of the South, 1964, Interim Books
Medicine Man: Collected Poems, 1976, Reed, Cannon & Johnson
The Red Crab Gang and Black River Poems, 1999, Ishmael Reed Publishing Company

Everett Hoagland
Black Velvet, 1970, Broadside Press
Scrimshaw, 1976, Patmos Press
The City and Other Poems, 1993, Spinner Publications
…HERE…New and Selected Poems, 2002, Leapfrog Press
Just Words, Northstar Nova Press

Langston Hughes
Fine Clothes to the Jew, 1927, Alfred A. Knopf
The Weary Blues, 1931, Alfred A. Knopf
Montage of a Dream Deferred, 1951
The Panther and the Lash, 1967, Vintage
Don't You Turn Back, 1969, Knopf
The Block, 1995, Viking
The Dream Keeper and Other Poems, 1996, Scholastic

Esther Iverem
The Time: Portrait of a Journey Home, 1994, Africa World Press
Living in Babylon, 2005, Africa World Press

Angela Jackson
Voo Doo Love Magic, 1974, Third World Press
Solo in the Boxcar Third Floor E, 1985, Obahouse
The Man with the White Liver, 1987, Contact II Publishers
Dark Legs and Silk Kisses: The Beatitudes of the Spinners, 1993, Triquarterly
And All These Roads Be Luminous: Poems Selected and New, 1998, Triquarterly

Major Jackson
Leaving Saturn, 2002, University of Georgia Press
Hoops, 2007, W. W. Norton
Holding Company, 2010, W. W. Norton

Lance Jeffers
My Blackness Is the Beauty of This Land, 1970, Broadside Press
When I Know the Power of My Black Hand, 1974, Broadside Press
O Africa, Where I Baked My Bread, 1977, Lotus Press
Grandsire, 1979, Lotus Press

Ted Joans
Beat Poems, 1959
All of Ted Joans
Black Pow-Wow: Jazz Poems, 1969, Hill and Wang
Afrodisia: New Poems, 1971, Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd
Teducation, 1999, Coffee House Press
Our Thang: Selected Poems, Selected Drawings, 2001, Ekstasis Editions

Fenton Johnson
A Little Dreaming, 1913
Visions of the Dusk, 1915
Songs of the Soil, 1916

Georgia Douglas Johnson
The Heart of a Woman, 1918
Bronze: A Book Of Verse, 1922
An Autumn Love Cycle, 1928

James Weldon Johnson
Fifty Years and Other Poems, 1917
God's Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse, 1927
Saint Peter Relates an Incident of the Resurrection Day, 1935
Complete Poems, 2000, Penguin Classics

Helene Johnson
This Waiting for Love: Helene Johnson, Poet of the Harlem Renaissance, 2006, University of Massachusetts Press

Patricia Spears Jones
(1951- )
The Weather That Kills, 1995, Coffee House Press
Femme du Monde: Poems, 2006, Tia Chucha Press
Painkiller: Poems, 2010, Tia Chucha Press

June Millicent Jordan
Who Look at Me, 1969
Things That I Do in the Dark, 1977
Passion, 1980
Living Room: New Poems, 1985, Thunder's Mouth Press
Naming Our Destiny: New and Selected Poems, 1989, Thunder's Mouth Press
Haruko/Love Poems, 1994, High Risk Books
Kissing God Goodbye: Poems, 1991-1997, 1997, Anchor Books
Directed By Desire: The Collected Poems of June Jordan, 2005, Copper Canyon Press

Bob Kaufman
Second April, 1959, City Lights
Solitudes Crowded With Loneliness, 1965, New Directions Publishing Corporation
Golden Sardine, 1967, City Lights Books
The Ancient Rain: Poems, 1956-1978, 1981, New Directions Publishing Corporation
Cranial Guitar, 1995, Coffee House Press

Dolores Kendrick
Through the Ceiling, 1975, Paul Breman Limited
Now Is the Thing to Praise, 1984, Lotus Press
The Women of Plums: Poems in the Voices of Slave Women, 1989, Phillips Exeter Academy Press
Why the Woman is Singing on the Corner, 2001, Peter E. Randall Publishers

Keorapetse Kgositsile
(1938- )
For Melba, 1970, Third World Press
Present is a Dangerous Place to Live, 1974, Third World Press
When the Clouds Clear, 1990, Congress of South African Writers
If I Could Sing: Selected Poems, 2002, Kwela Books
This Way I Salute You, 2009, Kwela Books

Etheridge Knight
Poems from Prison, 1968, Broadside Press
Belly Song and Other Poems, 1973
Born of a Woman, 1980, Mariner Books

Yusef Komunyakaa
(1947- )
Dedications and Other Darkhorses, 1977, R.M.C.A.J. Books
Lost in the Bone Wheel Factory, 1979, Lynx House
Copacetic, 1984, Wesleyan University Press
I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head, 1986, Wesleyan University Press
Toys in a Field, 1986, Black River Press
Dien Cai Dau, 1988, Wesleyan University Press
Magic City, 1992, Wesleyan University Press
Neon Vernacular, 1993, Wesleyan University Press
Thieves of Paradise, 1998, Wesleyan University Press
Pleasure Dome, 2001, Wesleyan University Press
Talking Dirty to the Gods, 2001, Farrar Straus Giroux
Taboo, 2004, Farrar Straus Giroux
Gilgamesh, 2006, Wesleyan University Press
Warhorses, 2008, Farrar Straus Giroux

Oliver LaGrone
(1906- )
Footfalls: poetry from America's becoming, 1949, Darel Press
They speak of dawns : a duo-poem written for the centennial year of the Emancipation Proclamation, 1863, in 1963, 1963
Dawnfire and other poems, 1989, Lotus Press

Pinkie Gordon Lane
Wind Thoughts, 1972, South and West, Inc
The Mystic Female, 1978
I Never Scream: New and Selected Poems, 1985, Lotus Press
Girl at the Window, 1991, Louisiana State University Press
Elegy for Etheridge, 2000, Louisiana State University Press

Quraysh Ali Lansana
(1964- )
cockroach children: corner poems and street psalms, 1995, Nappyhead Press
Southside Rain, 1999, Third World Press
Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art, 2002
They Shall Run--Harriet Tubman Poems, 2007, Third World Press

Audre Lorde
The First Cities, 1968, Poets Press
Cables to Rage, 1970
The Black Unicorn, 1978, W. W. Norton & Co.
Chosen Poems: Old and New, 1982, W. W. Norton & Co.
Our Dead Behind Us, 1986, W. W. Norton & Co.
The Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance: Poems 1987-1992, 1993, W. W. Norton & Co.

Nathaniel Mackey
(1947- )
Four for Trane, 1978
Septet for the End of Time, 1983
Eroding Witness, 1985
Outlantish, 1992
School of Udhra, 1993, City Lights Publishers
Song of the Andoumboulou: 18-20, 1994
Whatsaid Serif, 1998, City Lights Publishers
Splay Anthem, 2006, New Directions

Naomi Long Madgett
(1923- )
One and the Many: Poems, 1956, Exposition Press
Midway, 1956
Star by Star: Poems, 1965, Harlo Press
Pink Ladies in the Afternoon, 1972, Lotus Press
Exits and Entrances, 1978, Lotus Press
Phantom Nightingale: Juvenilia: Poems, 1934-1943, 1981
Octavia and Other Poems, 1988, Third World Press
Remembrances of Spring: Collected Early Poems, 1993, Michigan State University Press
Connected Islands: New and Selected Poems, 2004, Lotus Press

Haki Madhubuti
(1942- )
Black Pride: Poems, 1968, Broadside Press
Don't Cry, Scream, 1969, Broadside Press
Directionscore: Selected and New Poems, 1971, Broadside Press
Book of Life, 1973, Broadside Press
Killing Memory, Seeking Ancestors, 1987, Lotus Press
GroundWork: New and Selected Poems 1966-1996, 1996, Third World Press
HeartLove: Wedding and Love Poems, 1998, Third World Press
Run Toward Fear: New Poems and a Poet's Handbook, 2004, Third World Press

Kenneth A. McClane
(1951- )
Moons and Low Times, 1978, Ithaca House
A Tree Beyond Telling: Poems, Selected and New, 1983, Black Scholar Press
These Halves are Whole, 1983, Black Willow

Colleen McElroy
(1935- )
Music from Home : Selected Poems, 1976, Southern Illinois University Press
Winters Without Snow, 1979, Reed Books
Lie and Say You Love Me: Poems, 1981, Circinatum Press
Queen of the Ebony Isles, 1984, Wesleyan University Press
Looking for a Country Under Its Original Name : Poems, 1984, Blue Begonia Press
Bone Flames: Poems, 1987, Wesleyan University Press
What Madness Brought Me Here: New & Selected Poems 1968-88, 1990, Wesleyan University Press
Travelling Music, 1998, Story Line Press
Sleeping with the Moon, 2007, University of Illinois Press

Claude McKay
Songs of Jamaica, 1912
Constab Ballads, 1912
Harlem Shadows, 1922
Selected Poems, 1953, Bookman Associates
The Dialect Poetry of Claude McKay, 1972, Ayer Company Publishers
The Passion of Claude McKay, 1973, Schocken Books
Complete Poems, 2004, University of Illinois Press

Tony Medina
No Noose Is Good Noose, 1996, Writers & Readers Publishing
Sermons from the Smell of a Carcass Condemned To Begging, 1998, Long Shot Productions
Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art, 2002, Third World Press
Deshawn Days, 2003, Lee & Low Books
Committed to Breathing, 2003, Third World Press
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