“Wor(l)d Explorers”

Aug. 1-5, 2016
Summer Poetry Camp Schedule and Workshop Descriptions

Below you’ll find descriptions of the 2016 Children’s Poetry Camp workshops. All art supplies, instruments, and other materials are provided. No particular experience or special skills are needed for any of these workshops. As much as is possible, children are grouped with others about their same age. Each child will attend two types of workshop, elective and block (see schedule). 

JMU Poetry Camp schedule

After you register for camp, complete our registration forms (available no later than May 2016) to indicate which of these you prefer.

Elective Workshops

Surround Sound (Mr. Deaton) | Explore sound in many forms, including nature sounds, human voice, and sound effects. Let’s make sound with everything but the kitchen sink. We’ll create an aural experience called “Frog Pond,” learning simple and fun rhythm games that anyone can do. No musical experience needed.

Stretch Your Creativity (Ms. Hughes) | Breathe, move and create! You’ll practice fun and challenging yoga poses as you learn about the myths that inspired those poses. After a 20-minute yoga practice, you’ll create your own stories about yoga poses you create.

cARTography (Ms. Huffman) | Reinvent your world. Using a map as your canvas, create a landscape of words and images, writing and drawing, finding a new way to look at and represent your surroundings.

Wor(l)d Wide Web (Ms. Bennington) | Look at websites from across the globe and make a site of your own. Using Blogger, we’ll work together, focusing on writing and drawing. Collecting art and poetry, we’ll make a website to share the awesome skills we develop at camp with the rest of the world.

Poemography (Ms. Palmer) | Learn how to use your body in the expression of your ideas. Performance is part of poetry, and you get to start with the basics, combining words and choreography.

Block Workshops

Rhythm Nation (Mr. Deaton) | Learn about other people, other cultures, and ourselves through music. Rhythm-based games and other fun activities let you experience the interplay between music and language, and you also learn music by using the body and voice as instruments. Percussion instruments from around the world and tuned instruments called “Boomwhackers” keep the emphasis on fun over technique.

World Builders (Ms. Hughes) | Create imaginary places. Consider: What do Hogwarts, the Shire, the Hundred Acre Woods, Panem and Tatooine have in common? Each is a unique place, conceived by a writer and visited by millions of readers and movie-goers. Create your own world that may have a unique history, map, or landscape in this sci-fi inspired workshop designed to use and expand your creativity.

Altered Maps (Ms. Huffman) | Make abstract art by modifying a map. Change the “topography” of the map using text, paint, and stitches. Come chart a new path to creativity.

Let’s Throw A Party! (Ms. Bennington) | Find new holidays to share. Let’s see what our friends from at least five continents celebrate, write about these vibrant traditions, and throw a different party each day as if we are really in another country.

Global Groove (Ms. Palmer) | Listen to music from around the world and let the rhythm take hold. Move the way you want to: We will freestyle, highlight the part of the world a dance comes from, and start dancing like no one is watching. Getting on your feet will be the best part of the day.

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