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JMU Community Poem

This poem was written collaboratively by James Madison University students, staff, and faculty from November 7-11, 2011. The form is based on the ancient Japanese form of the Choka, which begins with a haiku followed by any number of two-line stanzas in which the first line contains seven syllables and the second line contains five.


James Madison University


Four years (maybe more)

growing, learning, living life.

This is JMU.


We all bleed purple and gold

And cheer on our teams.


Why is this ‘bout JMU?

The sod on the quad.


Be the change, if not you, who?

Make a difference.


Beautiful surroundings here,

Take advantage now.


Opportunity for you

Educate yourself


What have you seen in these years?

A campus of friends.


What have you learned since first year?

A brain overwhelmed.


We are tougher than our time

We have stronger minds


I have only just arrived,

Options are endless.


D-hall lines are never long,

E-hall is fancy.


Pre-pharmacy is so hard

I wish it was not.


Double-majoring is hard

As well, oh well, fun!


The quad cats just had kittens

I think they are cute.


This Hi-C is delicious

Cold and refreshing.


JMU is my true home

It is a lifestyle


I wish people loved themselves

And God a lot more


We would take better care

 Of ourselves and others


D-hall and Mrs. Greens both

Have 2% milk


Come hang out in TDU

Check out an I-pad


“J-maddy, third time’s a charm”

Said the girl from the farm.


Come make a change in JMU

You can change the world.


Almost Thanksgiving break

Family time fun.


What’s with this weather out here?

One day rain, one clear.


It is a beautiful day

To go out and play.


Those two parrots annoyed me

How can they even talk


I love PC Dukes so much

Give me that pizza!


This latte I have is great!

It is gingerbread.


We will never truly see—

It works just to be.

I’m glad we don’t need god here

(contradictions rock)


The only way to survive,

To breathe deep and dive.


Too many biddies and bros,

Diversity please!


If I could do it again,

I’d do it the same.


Here’s to the nights

And the days too.


Seeing the beginning now

Each eye opening.


Holy cow three pages? Yeah!

This poem is long.


Flowers can’t be furious

They are only plants.


Sometimes guys say random things



Purple mountains cradle us

Under sun of gold.


Wizards of Taylor Series

Trace the cosmic dance.


I live in Zane Showker hall

Life of a business girl.


Switching majors is not fun

Best to stick with one


Living in Southview is fun

I love JMU.


The Dukes of JMU

What else could I Do


I see a bird coo-cachoo

Then I fly away


Everyday finding something

That I can believe


I need bonus points for class.

Assignment complete.


Dancing zebras in blue light

A chupacabra


I so like need a life now.

Bye! I need to run.


Being at the beach calms me

I love the ocean!


I can barely stay awake,

Thank God it’s Friday.


Flowers can be furious

Just listen to one.