2004 Poetry Conference Reviews

Want to know what students at JMU thought?


•  JMU Student Newspaper The Breeze:

•    Poetry Blooms at Conference by Sharon Schiff

•  Poet Visit Creates Controversy Among Hillel by Elizabeth Baron

•  Controversial Poet has the Right to Speak - House Editorial

•  Various Student Responses

•  Theatrical Review


How the Harrisonburg community responded - Articles by the Daily News-Record:


•  Circle Brings Together Black Arts Movement Elders by Luanne Austin

•  Professor's Idea Grows into Gathering of Black Poets by Luanne Austin

•   For Young, Food Joins Poetry As One of Life's Finer Things by Kelly Jasper


The Nation and beyond…


•  Furious Flower Poetry Conference Causes a Bit of Fury by Kendra Hamilton for Black Issues in Higher Education

•  A 'Furious Flower' of Black Poetry by Jamie D. Walker, contributing writer for SeeingBlack.com