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  Natalia Bradshaw-Parson


FURIOUS FLOWER II is the definitive teaching tool for exploring the world of today’s Black poetry.  Surpassing the scope, ambition and accomplishments of its 1998 predecessor FURIOUS FLOWER, this three-part program presents outstanding critical scholarship on Black contemporary poetry’s origins and trends, its conflicts and consonances.

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Program I - Roots and First Fruits (60 min) discusses the major influences shaping the creative origins, poetic voice and stylistic approach of these poets. Significant influences include regional language, historic context, geographic location, personal passions and political commitment.

*Houston A. Baker, Jr.
*Nikky Finney
*Askia Touré
*Rita Dove
*Major Jackson
*Lucille Clifton
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  Program II - Cross-pollination in the Diaspora (60 min) reflects upon the reciprocal influence between Black American poets and writers from the rest of the African literary Diaspora.

*Velma Pollard
*Kwame Dawes
*Brenda Marie Osbey
*Haki Madhubuti
*Elizabeth Alexander
*Yusef Komunyakaa
  Program III - Blooming in the Whirlwind (60 min) locates Black poets within their historic moment and contextualizes them within relevant political movements - Civil Rights, Black Nationalism, post-colonialism and multiculturalism.

*Amiri Baraka
*Marilyn Nelson
*Sharan Strange
*Kevin Young
*Cornelius Eady
*Tony Medina
*Sonia Sanchez