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Furious Flower: African American Poetry 1960-1995

A Video Anthology

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Furious Flower is a video anthology of African American verse during the last half of the 20th century offering intimate portraits of twenty-six leading poets, each reading and discussing his or her own work.


Samuel W. Allen with Jerry W. Ward, Jr.
Mari Evans with Val Grey Ward
Naomi Long Madgett with Eleanor W. Traylor
Alvin Aubert with Leonard Moore
Pinkie Gordon Lane with Sandra Govan

Furious Flower Video Anthology

This video volume introduces readers to the poets who laid the groundwork for today's Black poetry renaissance and mentored many of the younger voices represented in this series. These writers, many of whom began writing during the '40's provided the wisdom and strong literary voice which brought Black verse to new heights of competence and maturity.

Amiri Baraka with Askia M. Touré
Haki R. Madhubuti with Sonia Sanchez
Kalamu ya Salaam with Everett Hoagland
Sonia Sanchez with Lorenzo Thomas
Eugene Redmond with Jabari Asim
Nikki Giovanni with Virginia Fowler

The Black Arts Movement swept through the 1960's as the lieterary arm of the Black liberation movements of those years. It defined a strong Black cultural identity and waged a war for literary self-determination. In this video volume these veterans read from work which stirred a generation and discuss the achievements and unfulfilled hopes of their movement.

Rita Dove
Toi Derricotte with Opal Moore
Dolores Kendrick with Judith Thomas
Sherley Anne Williams with Deborah McDowell
Gerald Barrax with Joyce Pettis
E. Ethelbert Miller with Eugenia Collier
Michael S. Harper with Aldon L. Nielsen

Following the Black Arts Movement, the poets who began publishing in the 1970's felt free to broaden the scope of African American poetry. While retaining the same political commitment, they extended their vision into new regions, exploring personal, sometimes taboo subjects and imbuing traditional forms with a contemporary intensity.

Elizabeth Alexander
The Dark Room Collective:
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Kevin Young
Sharan Strange
Major Jackson
Vera Beatty
John Keene

This final video volume highlights the younger poets who repreent the promise and diversity of Black poetry in the 1990s. As they read and discuss their work, we see how themes which emerged in the three previous video volumes are being re-worked and expanded as Black poetry prepares for the 21st century.