Total support JMU received from the foundation was over $9.4 million, of that $3.4 million in scholarship, $0 .6 million in faculty support, and $3.4 million in academic and administrative support. Thanks to prudent investment policies and the generosity of donors, the foundation continues to support the university in many different areas. 

Scholarship Gifts

The Foundation saw an increase in the number of endowed scholarships this year. Individual scholarship gifts along with endowed payouts allowed the foundation to award $3.4 million to 2,137 students. Through your support the financial burden for a student receiving scholarship awards was diminished.

The investment portfolio exceeded the average return for college and university foundations the size of JMU. The return on invested endowment funds exceeded the average of JMU’s peer group based on size per the National Association of College and University Business Officers publication.

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