Last year, the JMU Foundation created a strategic plan designed to reflect on past accomplishments, investigate new trends and best practices, and develop opportunities for change that will move the foundation forward.

Now with a strategic plan in place, the foundation board and staff have begun to take action to achieve specific goals and objectives.

Over the next five years, fulfilling our strategic plan will better prepare and position the foundation to serve James Madison University, its faculty, students, staff and the wider Madison community.

One of the plan’s objectives is to restructure the foundation’s committees to reflect changes and best practices in the governance of foundations. The board has established a new structure with five committees: governance, administration and finance, development, audit and investment. The board also revised its by-laws to increase the size of the board to 25 members, consisting of 20 elected trustees, two ex officio and three adjunct directors, with five of the board members being alumni of James Madison University.

See more details about at the JMU Foundation Strategic Plan.

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