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The Diversitalia Film Festival focuses on the work of two young Italian filmmakers, who have used cinema, documentary, and TV as tools for rethinking Italian society in relation to its multi-ethnicity and to the yearning of younger Sicilians for a mafia-free society. In pursuing this goal, they have helped in reconstructing the identity of Italians in Italy and abroad. From a cross-cultural perspective, the festival will offer the chance to analyze issues related to diversity in Europe and North America and to reflect on the role of mass media in creating the stereotypical image of mafia as inherent feature of Italian and Italian American culture

All movies shown with English Subtitles in Grafton-Stovall Theatre, JMU Campus.  

A Q&A with the director will follow each movie.

Pierfrancesco Diliberto

Sunday, October 29, 5:30-7:30 pm The Mafia Kills Only in Summer (La Mafia uccide solo d’estate)
Monday, October 30, 7:00-9:00 pm At War with Love (In Guerra per amore)

Pierfrancesco Diliberto (aka PIF), 45-year old TV host, director, screenwriter, and actor, has been fighting at the frontline of the anti-mafia movement and has contributed to the awakening of the younger generations. PIF takes advantage of the communicative power of TV and cinema to destroy, through his satirical approach, the sense of belonging to the mafia culture of his fellow Sicilian citizens. PIF has used his popularity as a form of civic engagement, by participating in talks and debates in educational and institutional settings. Pif’s debut as director, The Mafia Kills Only in Summer (2013), is a black comedy picture portraying twenty years of Mafia wars in Sicily as witnessed by the young fictional character of Arturo. His new film, At War with Love (2016), is a tender love story set against the backdrop of the allied conquer of Sicily during WWII, which examines how the relations between the Allies and the Mafia shaped the fate of Sicily in years to come.

Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

Sunday, November 12, 4:30-6:30 pm Inside Buffalo
Tuesday, November 14, 7:00-9:00 pm  18 IUS SOLI
Monday, November 27, 7:00-9:00 pm Blaxploitalian

Fred Kudjo Kuwornu is a 46-year old Italian-Ghanian filmmaker, producer, and activist. In his work, he has explored diversity in modern Italian society, especially focusing on the multiethnic composition of society, its representation in the media, and its recognition by law-makers. After his experience working with the production crew of Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna in Italy, Fred decided to research the unknown story of the 92nd Infantry ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ Division, which led him to produce and direct the award-winning documentary Inside Buffalo (2010). In 2012, he released 18 IUS SOLI, which examines multiculturalism in Italy and the question of citizenship for the one million children of immigrants born and raised in Italy who are not yet Italian citizens. In his latest film project, Blaxploitalian: 100 Hundred Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema (2016), Kuwornu has examined diversity in Italian media. He is the founder of the non-profit organization Association Diversity Italia, which promotes racial and ethnic diversity in film as a tool for building a more inclusive society.

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