JMU Symphony Honors Concert and Poulenc's Gloria

Sunday, April 19 @ 2 pm



Enjoy this two-part choral and symphonic celebration! First, experience the JMU Symphony Orchestra as they accompany the winners of the prestigious School of Music Concerto Competition. Majors from each of the five areas of the School (woodwinds, brass and percussion, strings, piano, and voice) compete in the competition. Two finalists are then selected by each area to compete in the finals for a coveted spot in the honors concert. 

Next, join the JMU Symphony Orchestra and JMU Chorale for composer Francis Poulenc’s (1899-1963) transcendent masterwork Gloria. Poulenc’s six-movement Gloria (FP 177) is one of his most celebrated and popular works. Scored for soprano solo, large orchestra and chorus, it premiered in Boston in 1961 to great acclaim, and thereafter went to Paris. This work has quickly become a part of the standard choral repertory, a remarkable feat for any work in the 20th century. Charming, loyal, uniquely unconventional in a world of convention, devoted friend and egocentric bon vivant, Poulenc has retained an indelible place in the compositional realm of masterworks for choir and orchestra. He is most deeply remembered for his gift of melody and love of the human voice:“J’aime tellement la voix!” 


  • Experience masterful musicianship by the Grammy-nominated National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine!