1. Travel Expense Reimbursement Vouchers should be submitted within 60 days of the last travel day. 

  2. Original receipts not included with reimbursement. Fax copies are not considered original receipts.

  3. Need original signatures of the traveler and the supervisor.

  4. Proper Approving Authority, when applicable, was not included on reimbursement voucher. (President, Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Dean, Asst./Assoc. Dean, Director, or Department Head who is the Approving Authority for the DeptID)

  5. Lodging or M&IE is over the allowed guidelines without justification.

  6. Insurance on rental cars is not allowed.

  7. Fuel charges on rental car receipts are not allowed.

  8. Travel Reimbursement voucher does not include International Travel Authorization Form, when applicable.

  9. Seat Class is not documented when using air or rail transportation.

  10. Coding is incorrect.

  11. Documentation for telephone (internet) charges not included.

  12. Business Meal Certification Form not submitted with Travel Reimbursement Voucher when applicable.

  13. Improper calculation of per diem rates.

  14. Improper calculation of mileage.

  15. Charges are not appropriate expenditure of State Funds.

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