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James Mad= ison University

Faculty = Senate Minutes

Taylor Hall 306    

October 7, 2004


1.&n= bsp;            = ;     Faculty Marshall, Oris Griffin, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m..  Members present included: 

Aash= ir Nasim, Psychology; April Roth= , Communication Studies; Bill Knorpp, Philosophy and Religion; Bob Jerome, Economics; Bob Lembright, History; Brian K. Miller, Business;

Broo= ks Marshall, Finance and Business Law; Carmenza Kline, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Claudia O’Neill, Nursing; Craig Shealy, Psychology (Gr= ad); Cynthia Gilliatt, English; David Bernstein, Computer Science; Dietrich Maune, Media Arts and Design;

Edga= r Parker, Mathematics and Statistics; Elizab= eth Cole, Accounting; Elizabeth Gu= mnior, Writing Program (for Traci Pi= pkins); George Wynn, Marketing; Jennifer McCabe, Libraries; = Jim Ruff, English; Joe Rudmin, Physics; John Singer, Kinesiology &am= p; Recreation Studies; John Wolf, Military Science; Karen Ford<= /b>, Social Work;

Kare= n Santos, Education; Kenneth G.&= nbsp;Lewis, Senate Treasurer, ISAT; Kent Zimme= rman, Senate Speaker, Management; Mark Rooker, Art and Art History; Mary Fitzgerald, Political Scienc= e; Michael Smilowitz, Communication Studies; Nikitah Imani, Sociology & Anthropology (for Laura Lewis); Ois Griffin, Education; Roberta Mitchell, C.L.A.S.S.;

Roge= r Hall, Theatre and Dance; Scott Eato= n, Geology; Sharon Babcock, Biology;

Stephanie Chisolm, Health Science; Thomas Wood, Computer Info Systems.

Guests included:  Teresa Gonzalez and Su= san Wheeler, Office of the Provost.  Solange A. Lopes-Murphy, Senate Secretary, Education was not present.  The student Darci Mitchell took notes and recorded the meeting so that S. Lopes-Murphy could generate the minutes.

&= nbsp;

2.<= span style=3D'mso-tab-count:1'>         = Approval of Minutes:  Kent Zimmerman asked for approval of the minutes of April 29.  Minutes were approved.  Changes were recommended for Septe= mber 2 minutes.  Joe Rudmin made changes.  Instead of, “J= oe Rudmin is against the resolution” as stated originally in the minutes, the following statement was introduced “Joe Rudmin said that, given t= he responsiveness of the VPAA’s staff, the proposed committee is not needed”.  The September 2 minutes will be revised to incorporate the proposed change.  Motion then was made for approval = of the September 2 minutes.  Minutes = were approved.


3.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>         Treasurer’s Report:   Ken Lewis reported that there was $1,304.01 in the flower fund and $7,041.51 in the senate’s university account.  <= /span>


4.    &= nbsp;    Topics Discussed:

§Ant= iplagiarism Software

o      = Ralph Alberico & Jeff Clark discussed plagiarism prevention and detection.  A report was distributed to the fa= culty on this topic.

o      = Karen Santos announced a workshop on November 4 & 5 for new faculty on Academ= ic Dishonesty.

o      = Senate members discussed possibilities to engage students in writing assignments a= nd prevent them from plagiarizing.

§Sur= veys

o      = Cynthia Gilliatt requested surveys for third year review to be completed.  So far, she has just received nine= .  Cynthia also presented the issue of tuition relief for faculty families.  According to her, the VA House of Representatives said no.  JMU made such request in 1966 and = the answer was “no”.  According to the VA 2133B Code, this is not a possibility.  Senators discussed the possibility= of lobbying for law change and searching for private funds to support this initiative.


5.         = Provost’s Report: Teresa Gonzalez annou= nced that the Board of Visitors meeting would happen October 8.  The focus would be on student life= and faculty research.  Other issue= s to be discussed would be faculty salaries and the reorganization of the Colleg= e of Arts & Letters (CA&L).

        &= nbsp;   The timetable for the CA&L reorganization would be as follows:

v&nb= sp;    first year – exploration – the i= dea is to come up with a series of questions within units by mid November to identify common themes. 

v&nb= sp;    Spring 2005 – bring groups from across colleges together for discussion.

v&nb= sp;    Summer/Fall 2005 – present reactions t= o a variety of suggested models of reorganization.

v&nb= sp;    Spring 2006 – identify the workable model.  SHEV must approve it.<= /p>


Teresa Gonzalez emphasized = the importance of participation from faculty, especially from those who will be directed affected by the new structure.&nb= sp; She also recommended identifying connections that can be established among colleges.  Teresa heard = and reacted to faculty concerns regarding:

v&nb= sp;    collaboration among colleges,

v&nb= sp;    the hiring of new faculty for the reorganized CA&L,

v&nb= sp;    the fragmentation the reorganization may bri= ng to the existing unit, 

v&nb= sp;    the power of the reorganized unit(s) within = the university,

v&nb= sp;    the pace with which the reorganization is to take place,


6.      =             Sp= eaker’s Report: Kent Zimmerman passed out report he would give the Board of Visitors on October 8.  The re= port contains issues of faculty retention and faculty development.  Among those issues are: the ratio = of tenured faculty to student ratio, percentage of full time faculty in tenure positions, percentage of temporary employees.

Senators discussed commitme= nt of tenured faculty compared to untenured or temporary employees in important organizational and programmatic decisions, in addition to faculty load reduction & increase in faculty/student ratio.  Senators reacted to some of the wo= rding in the report regarding the commitment of faculty holding RTAs positions.  Kent Zimmerman emphasized that the report represented the Speaker and not the Senate.  The group expressed displeasure ab= out the Speaker’s Report to the Board of Visitors.  Kent Zimmerman agreed to address t= hose concerns.


7. &nbs= p;       Committee Reports: 

   &= nbsp;       

   &= nbsp;        A.        Nominations and Elections: No report. =    


   &nbs= p;        B.        Academic Policies: No report.  Committee needs members.   


C.        Faculty Concerns:  Stephanie Chisolm talked about= the committee’s discussion on conducting an assessment on the faculty and students’ perception of the Honor Council.  Stephanie asked senators to email = her to share their thoughts regarding how to conduct this assessment.  Regarding students’ awarenes= s of the Honor Code, the suggestion was to add a tutorial Freshman Year on plagiarism and the Honor Code.  That would become part of the student’s academic record.


D.     &nb= sp;  Budget Priorities: Elizabeth Cole needs more people on the committee.


E.     &nb= sp;   The Faculty Appeals Committee: There are four people on the committee.  George Wynn stated he needs one te= nured person or RTA from each college.  He needs someone from ISAT, Education, and Science & Mathematics.  If the Senate does not fill the committee, faculty members who are not senators can be elected to serve on = the Faculty Appeals Committee.


F.     &nb= sp;   The Committee on Academic Policies: David Bernstein discussed the resolutio= n on the process of creating new colleges.  Recommendations to the university are that

o      = Some of the set deadlines are too close – the dates should be moved from mid-November to spring 2005.  = Teresa Gonzalez suggested that CA& L should decide on the timeline.

o      = Faculty should be able to put forth all proposals.

o      = Faculty involvement should be high and modeled around Virginia Tech.  Teresa G 


8. &nbs= p;       New Business: None.


   &nbs= p;        Jim Ruff moved that the meeting be adjourned at 5:06 p.m.  Craig Shealy seconded it.



Respectfully submitted,


Solange A. Lopes-Murphy

Secretary of the Faculty Se= nate



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