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James Mad= ison University

Faculty = Senate Minutes

Taylor Hall 306    

January 27, 2005



  1.   Members present included: 

Aashir Nasim, Psychology; Bill Knorpp, Philosophy and Religion; Bob Jerome, Economics; Bob Lembright, History;= Carmenza&n= bsp;Kline, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Charles Runyan for Rory DePaolis, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Claudia O’Neill, Nursing; Craig Shealy, Psychology (Grad); David Bernstein, Computer Science; Dietrich Maune, Media Arts and Design; <= span style=3D'color:blue'>Edgar Parker, Mathematics and Statistics; Elizabeth = Cole, Accounting; Traci Pipkins, Writing Program; George Wynn, Marketing; Jason Haney, School of M= usic; Jim R= uff, English; Joe Rudmin, Physics; John Wolf, Military Science; Karen Sant= os, Education: Kenneth G. Lewis, Senate Treasurer, ISAT; Kent Zimmerman, Senate Speaker, Management; Michael Smilowitz, Communication Studies; Nikitah Imani for Laura Lewis, Sociology & Anthropology; Oris Griffin, Education; Roberta Mitchell, C.L.A.S.S.; Roger Hall, Theatre and Dance; Sharon Babcock, Biology; Stephanie Chisolm, Health Scie= nce; Thomas&nbs= p;Wood, Computer Info Systems; and Solange A. Lopes-M= urphy, Senate Secretary, Educ= ation.

&n= bsp;

Guest included:  Doug Brown, Office of the Pro= vost. 

Visitor = included Christi= ne Robinson.

&= nbsp;

  1.   Solange Lopes-Murphy asked = for approval of the minutes of December 2.  Minutes were approved and sec= onded.


  1.    Ken Lewis reported tha= t the ending balance as of January 2, 2005 was $2,408.01.&nb= sp; The beginning balance as of November 4, 2004 was $2,582.01.

Dr. Lewis reminded the senators about the computer lottery which has been posted on t= he FS website.


  1. Provost’s Report:

Tenure & Promotion: Dr. Brown stated that his office is getting ready to s= end out tenure and promotion letters (56 tenures and/or promotions) by next week.  The letters will be sen= t 15 days after approval from the BoV. 

Faculty Salary: 134 salary adjustments were made in late fall.  Dr. Brown explained that there are several bills regarding faculty salaries.&= nbsp; According to him, one of the bills that may pass is the recommendati= on from a 3% increase to a 6% increase.  He also shared that this coming summer faculty salary is likely to be increased due to the increased operating budget this year. There was a brief discussion on salary raises among peer institutions regionally and where JM= U stands in comparison to them.  Aashir Nasim asked whether there i= s a formula to calculate salary compression.&n= bsp; Dr. Brown explained the rationale and logistics behind the reward sy= stem and emphasized it is done on a case by case basis.

Hospital Acquisition: The BoV approved acquisition of hospital.  The site will not serve JMU until 2009.  The acquisition represe= nts an increase in academic space of 60% (1/2 million square feet) and that there = is no pressure from the legislator to take on more students so far.

A cross-divisional space ap= proach will be used for the planning looking specifically at the university priorities.  Dr. Brown comment= ed that specialized consultants will be brought to campus to do a campus plan = commented.  He also talked about a number of f= uture renovations on campus, including identifying space that can be temporary to accommodate faculty during the renovation period (approximately 50,000 squa= re feet for temporary space).   Dr. Steve Knickrehm is the chair of= the committee for space planning.  Dr. Brown said that the committee will approach the different academic units on campus to share the plan and get faculty input.  

Dr. Imani raised a concern = from faculty about students going from one side to the other of campus during the renovation period.  Dr. Brown = talked about class scheduling to facilitate commuting from one point to another.


  1. Speaker’s Report:

Kent Zimmerman attended the= BoV meeting on Jan. 7 and asked about the possibility of a day-care with the acquisition of the hospital

He also asked about the rol= e of faculty in commencement exercises.  Dr. Brown asked the speaker to do a segment in the commencement.  In May commencement, speaker was a= sked to endorse the candidacy and present the candidates to the president for the conference of their degrees.

There was a brief discussio= n on the hooding of undergraduates and graduate candidates.



  1. Committees’ Report:


Faculty Appeals Committe= e: Dr. Wynn has a pressing need regarding the Faculty Appeals Committee.  There is a restriction on the Facu= lty Handbook that says there needs to be representation of different colleges in appeal cases.  According to hi= m, there is an appeal case coming forth; therefore, he needs one representative from education and one from math and biology.&n= bsp; Possible senators that could serve in this committee would be John G= ilje from Chemistry and Tamara Jetton from the College of Educatio= n.


Nominations & Electi= ons:  Dr. Griffin clarified that se= nators can serve two consecutive terms in the Faculty Senate. Dr. Griffin needs th= e names of the new senators by the March meeting.&= nbsp; Elections will be held on April meeting.  The slate will be presented in the= April meeting.  Dr. Griffin asked for volunteers to serve in the various committees.


Academic Policies: D= r. Bernstein had no updates to report.


Faculty Concerns: Dr= . Ruff presented some of the issues discussed in the Faculty Concerns Committee.  Among them were:


§  Possibly include two other categor= ies – under $20,000 a year and aBoVe $100.000 a year)

§  There is a need to talk to Human Resources to make available to the faculty those surgeons within the 30 mile radius who are part of the network.


Student Concerns: St= ephanie Chisolm distributed a resolution recognizing the value of the Honor Code.  The committee recommends the devel= opment of a program online to serve as a tutorial for students to be part of the student records.  She also com= mented on creating short preamble of the Honor Code to be posted in the classrooms.  There was some di= scussion on postings that have been stolen from classrooms in the past and what woul= d be some alternatives to the postings.

Michael Smilowitz suggested rewording the phrase “which would be conducted sometime subsequent to= the formal orientation itself within the first semester of matriculation at JMU” to “which must be accomplished successfully in the first academic semester of matriculation”.=   Michael suggested that the resolution be accepted since there has be= en sufficient discussion on the issue.  Resolution was moved and seconded.&= nbsp;

There was discussion on the usefulness of resolution B.  F= aculty senators were in favor of the resolution.


Budget Priorities: <= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> Elizabeth Cole talked about the committee’s charge on examining faculty turn-over & salaries.  According to Elizabeth, the differentials are doing = a good job in equalizing turn-overs.  Elizabeth distribu= ted a sheet to collect data from the senators on their specific departments/colle= ges.


  1. Old Business:

A resolution was brought up= in the December meeting regarding discrimination language in University documents.=   The resolution states making unive= rsity documents consistent by inserting the sexual orientation class in all docum= ents in the university policies.  N= ikitah Imani read a statement Dr. Robinson had on this issue.

Jim Ruff asked Dr. Brown ab= out any legal considerations regarding leaving sexual orientation out of the docume= nts.  Dr. Brown explained that sexual orientation is not protected category under law.  The goal would be to get the BOV t= o request the Attorney General to endorse that right in all documents.   This change would be in conformance with the majority of the other institutions in the state that h= ave made this a protected category.   There was extended discussion= on the issue among the senators and between senators and Dr. Brown.  The resolution was tabled until th= e next meeting after obtaining more information from the Legal Council.



The meeting adjourned at 4:58 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Solange A. Lopes-Murphy, Fa= culty Senate Secretary