James Madison University

Faculty Senate Minutes

Taylor Hall 306

January 26, 2006


Faculty Marshall George Wynn called the meeting to order at 3:33.  Members present included:

Jennifer McCabe; William Knorpp, Philosophy; Tom Wood; Gay Ivey; Mike Gulotta, SCOM; Margaret Williams, Political Science; Bryan Saville, graduate Psychology; Vicki Martin, Nursing; John Singer, Kinesiology; Bob Jerome, Economics; Rory DePaolis, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Laura Lewis, Sociology & Anthropology; Elizabeth Cole, Accounting; Corinne Diop, Art & Art History; Donna Gilliam, SMAD; Sharon Cote, English; Ken Lewis, ISAT; Joan Frederick, English; Karen Santos, Education; Ed Parker, Mathematics & Statistics; Joe Rudmin, Physics; Janet Gloeckner, Health Sciences.


Guests included: Doug Brown, Provost, Susan Wheeler, University Attorney, Chris Blake, Political Science.


·        Approval of the minutes:   Jennifer McCabe asked for approval of the December 1, 2005 minutes.  Minor corrections were made and the motion carried.

·        The speaker apologized for the paucity of minutes that have been posted for this academic year, and assured the senate that he is working to have that resolved soon.

·        Treasurer’s Report:         The ending balance for the Senate Fund as of January 8 is $3,635.51.  The Senate University Account balance is $6,629.04.  The treasurer reminded the Senate that the computer lottery will take place in 1-2 weeks, and will be conducted via a web-form.  50 winners will be reimbursed via direct deposit.

·        Provost’s Report:           

o       Dr. Brown noted that the legislature is in session and that JMU is working to get as much funding as possible.  He expressed his belief that funding for education “looks good”, and noted that he will have more specific information to share at the next meeting. 

o       He also mentioned that both he and the President support the University’s attempt to get a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and that they will provide resources and processes if the decision to apply is made. 

o       The search for a Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts is underway, with criteria for the position being developed by the search committee.  Jerry Benson is heading the committee, and it has representation from each of the departments in the College. 

o       The planning for the new arts center, to take up all of the block of Main St. across from the Quad is well underway, with construction to begin in 2007 or 2008.  He noted that the plan includes raising Main street and building a pedestrian tunnel beneath it. 

o       Dr. Brown further reported that construction on the new library is about to begin, and he reminded the Senate that the new Faculty Center will be on the top floor of said library.

o       A question was raised about parking on the west side of Main St. and Dr. Brown responded that there will be a parking garage built behind the Arts Center and that there will be more parking when it is completed than there is currently.

o       A question about JMU’s strategy for getting funding increases from the legislature was raised.  Dr. Brown responded that JMU will work on establishing base adequacy funding before seeking money for expansion.

o       Dr. Brown discussed continuing professional education, and noted that Memorial Hall has space designated for outreach education (including post-baccalaureate and continuing education.)  Continuing Education income could be channeled back into departments.  Noting that JMU has one of the best educational trademarks, Dr. Brown expressed his belief that there is great potential to generate income from Continuing Education.   A consultant who is working with the University on CE development may come speak to the Senate.

·        Speakers Report:           Dr. Zimmerman announced that the Faculty Senate meeting for March would take place on March 26 (rather than the last Thursday in March) to accommodate a large conference on campus.

o       The Board of Visitors met on January 6.  The speaker discussed the honor code tutorial and the day care with the board. One BOV member made a suggestion regarding day care, and the speaker is preparing a strategy to establish an on campus day care facility that he will share with the Senate at a later date.

o       Dr. Zimmerman also discussed his participation in the Faculty Senate of Virginia/American Association of University Professors Joint Advocacy Day.  At this event various members of the Legislature were lobbied by representatives from higher education.  Dr. Zimmerman met with Rep.s Landes, Hanger, Saxman, Ponce, and Obenshain.  He discussed the importance of base adequacy funding for JMU, the importance of achieving 60% of peer group salaries, and retirement benefits.

o       Dr. Zimmerman also mentioned that Delegate Gilbert was trying to introduce a bill that would make it illegal for universities to establish policies prohibiting the possession of firearms on their campuses.  It was noted that the bill probably would not make it to the floor.

o       The speaker mentioned his work on the steering committee of the Madison Commission which is working on revising JMUs mission, vision and values statements.  He distributed a proposed new vision statement.  Discussion then ensued about the definition of the word scholarship and whether it is different from research.  Senators were requested to send their comments on the proposed new statements to Dr. Zimmerman.

·        Committee Reports

o       Nominations & Elections:  Dr. Wynn requested that all Senators not returning for the 2006-07 academic year have the names of their replacements to him by April 1, 2006.  This request is made so that officers can be elected and committees can be assembled prior to the first meeting on 2006-07.

o       Joan Frederick has agreed to be considered for Speaker

o       Dr. Wynn reported that current chairs of committees may serve a third year on the Senate if they desire, whereas other terms are limited to two consecutive years.

o       Academic Policies:        No report

o       Faculty Concerns:           Work on the Faculty Morale survey is underway.  Dr. Frederick also noted that she is serving on the committee that is dealing with the issues raised by the online application procedures, and that she is pleased with the progress that the committee is making toward resolving the issues.  Senators with comments on this topic should send them to Joan or Brian Charette.

o       Student Concerns:          Report deferred.

o       Budget Committee:        Dr. Cole distributed a budget committee report.  Dr. Rudmin distributed a proposed alumni survey.

·        Chris Blake gave a presentation on the issues surrounding the choice of whether or not to apply for a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.  The slides will be posted on the Senate’s web page upon receipt.  Following his presentation there was discussion about some of the issues that were raised in the report that JMU received from PBK when they were denied. 

·        Ed Parker discussed a report that the College of Science and Math recently wrote regarding faculty retention issues they face.  He suggested that if each college wrote a similar report, that university-wide issues could be identified.  The matter of recruitment and retention will be discussed at the next Senate meeting


Meeting adjourned at 5:03.