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James Madison University

Faculty Senate, April 29, 2004

Taylor 404


(The sign-in sheet did not reach all senators present during the meeting)


Provost’s Report= :  The meeting began with a report fr= om the provost, Dr. Doug Brown.  He s= tated that the Board of Visitors had during the past week and raised tuition and = fees for the coming year.  The mult= i-year plan is to increase the academic budget $30million and backfill the loss of funding and the base adequacy needs as defined by the base adequacy study w= hich looked at the faculty:student ratio.  The Board will conduct a retreat on May 20, 2004, at which it will discuss academic issues including enrollment management, faculty load, and money.  This is the first year= in some time that we have had positive cash flow.  The House/Senate compromise was a positive action although not as positive as we would have liked.  It is hoped that there will be fac= ulty salary increases in the neighborhood of 3% this coming December.  The Board is very sensitive to the= issue of faculty salaries and faculty retention.=   Doug indicated that he had had an extremely positive working relationship with the Faculty Senate and particularly the steering committee and the speaker.  The speaker = has had a particularly positive effect in his relationship with the Board this = year and is to be congratulated.


Joe Rudmin noted that salary increases of less than 4-5% are actually salary cu= ts when inflation is considered.  Cynthia Gilliatt asked if all college deans were being evaluated by = the faculty – Doug brown indicated that was university policy.  


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the Ma= rch meeting of the faculty senate were approved as distributed. 


Budget Report:<= /b>  Geoff Egekwu reported that there w= as a balance of $1067.01 in the flower fund and $6588.00 in the provost’s office. 


Speaker Smilowitz reported that three amendments to the senate constitution were approved and changes will accordingly be made to the Web site.  As Doug Brown previously reported, Michael indicated that faculty retention, load, staffing and turnover issues were brought before the Board and these issues will certainly be discussed = at future meetings.  Michael again thanked the steering committee for their work over the past year.  Also receiving the speaker’s= thanks are Susan Wheeler, Theresa Gonzalez, and Doug Brown.



Committee Reports:


        &= nbsp; Academic policies:  Beth Eck presented a resolution supporting the acquisition of anti-plagiarism software.  The resolution passed unanimously.=  


        &= nbsp; Faculty Concerns:  Cynthia Gilliatt presented the resolution supporting the modification of the statement on hiring and harassment policies to include sexual orientation.  Val Larsen proposed an amendment t= o the resolution, striking the word  “harassment.” &nbs= p; Senator Larsen expressed his concern that the term harassment could = lead to a diminution of free speech in the classroom if students and faculty mem= bers felt that they were not free to express their views regarding subjects which could be taken by some to be politically incorrect.  Cynthia Gilliatt expressed her view= that all subjects should be open for discussion but the use of derogatory langua= ge was the element that would trigger the possible charge of harassment.  After significant discussion, Val withdrew his amendment. Beth Eck moved to table the motion to allow her to = take the resolution back to her faculty for consideration prior to the next meeting.  The motion to table = was approved.  Senators were asked= to take this information back to their colleagues for further review.


        &= nbsp; Budget:  Val Larsen reported on the wor= k of this committee during its first year of operation. 


        &= nbsp; The meeting was adjourned at 4:55PM and senators were invited to the reception = for retiring faculty to be held in Warren hall.




Respectfully submitted,


David P. Zimmerman, Secretary